Happy birthday to you

I still clearly remember the first time we met and how we met few years ago. Nothing special except the fact that you have brilliant works. After that, we met few times, we talked to each other a little, and that’s all for a while.

Until one day, we meet again and fight for the same cause and goals, which is a better living and a better social environment for our society. It’s sweet how everything started.

Do not know when, but I started interested in you. I admire how quick you learn and understand something. I admire the way you see things in positive way. I admire the way you stay focus and persistence toward your goals. I admire the way you stand for your principal. I admire your modesty, calm, wise, patience, and others I cannot describe in words.

Well, I am really amazed by how time changes a lot things in just one year. Imagine, August last year, we were nobody, I know you and you know me. That’s all.

Today, I am overwhelmed by gratitude. I want to say thank you for sharing every laughter and putting away every falling tears. Thank you for letting me to cross your path. Thank you for letting me to learn a lot within a year.

Also Thank God for letting me to meet you, to know you better, and to have a chance to fall in love with you. Above all, Thank God for blessing me more than I deserve.

And last, happy birthday, my whole world. Welcome to 25 of your life.

Jogjakarta, August 14th, 2015

A little celebration

A small celebration in our little messy office

I called this, Selling for good

Written by Mega Ai

These recent years, there are so many online markets exist in Indonesia. For example are olx.co.id, berniaga.com, tokopedia.com, kaskus.co.id, and bukalapak.com. It becomes booming nowadays. I’ve been using this service since long time ago to buy some stuff that I need. In Netherland, I also buy my second hand bike and other stuffs through online market such as marktplaats.nl and commodity market Rotterdam in facebook. Just this year, I started using this online market such as olx.co.id and berniaga.com to sell my stuff. Finally I register for those websites! Hehe. Well, not only this online market websites, I also use my social media to promote the stuff I offered. Couple times ago, there are four totally different things that I offered online and sold. The range of the price is also very varying. First time I sell a wi-fi modem, and then wireless & router, deep fryer, and tablet. Some stuff I used it once and some other I used it quite a while.

Huh. I feel so regret that I just started selling the stuff that I don’t need any more JUST now. I just realized that it was so good when you sell the stuff you already used but you do not it anymore and knowing the fact that other people need that stuff.

One of the online markets, olx.co.id made a good campaign toward this activity. It’s all called #bekasjadiberkah which means second hand stuff become useful. You can sign up to give donation for any advertisement you post and sold.

Well, now I am just so excited to sell the stuff that I have which still has good function for good. What are the goods from selling your second hand stuffs anyway?  You got additional income. You don’t keep your stuffs too long for nothing which sometimes becomes broken themselves. Also, you made some stuffs very useful for other people.

Since then, I interested more to find second hand stuff that I need from the online market. You can get it with lower price and furthermore, there is a value you made, you make an old stuff or second hand stuff functioning again.

Anyway, do you know where can I sell my second hand heart? *eh

One of the ads

One of the ads,,, 🙂

A Note about Bandung and LexiPal

Written by Mega Ai

 Bandung. It’s the capital city of West Java that I am quite familiar with. The first time I stepped on my feet in this city was 2009 for attending a conference. Later after that, I went there quite often with many different purposes. This time, which probably the 6th time I came to Bandung, also for another purpose. I was with the team (a half of LexiPal team) coming here to do LexiPal app testing before launching (in which we haven’t sure when it’s gonna be) hehe. If you haven’t heard about this app, let me tell you a bit. LexiPal is an app designed for the children who has difficulty to learn how to read. This app is specially designed for dyslexic children. But, any children are actually recommended to use this app. Anyway, it was my first time to do the trip with LexiPal team.

 June 17th, 2014

We (I and the other three friends) arrived Bandung in the afternoon. We went to a guesthouse directly to prepare the app trial agenda tomorrow. The guesthouse was very homy and we assumed we had one living room as well as our dining room. Nice!

After resting for a while, the boys were busy installing the apps in the laptops. And we, the girls were busy talking to support them. Thinking that I should learn how to at least to install it. Haha. Well, while they were doing the installation, I and my friend were exercising the app just to make sure that we really understood it. We stayed up late before we finally went to bed.

June 18th, 2014

We got up in the early morning, had a breakfast served by the guesthouse, and we went to children development centre where the app trials took place. Today’s trial was done by the expert, the therapist and also the psychologist. We divided the trial into two sections. The first section, we divided the group into three groups with different category of each table. Each of us guide them how to use the app. The second section, which is using kinect, we made it into just one group. It was really fun to do the trial with everybody. We started like 8am and we finished about 12pm.  

We got some suggestion from them to revise several parts of the app. Alright; we think we have more home works to go. We believe we can make it fast! Fight, guys! Hehe 😀  

I got an email from the committee of the ministry’s grant for start up business. He told me that you have to deal with some documents so that you have to back Jogja if you don’t want to lose the chance to get the grant for your start up business. Ah, it was difficult decision to make. Okay, I might need to fly back home to catch the grant. Luckily, the flight ticket was sold out for days ahead. Well, while the team was doing the recap of today, I went to the train station to reschedule the ticket we already bought. Luckily again, there is no more train tickets. Yay! I got trapped here in Bandung.

That afternoon and evening, some friends come to see us in the guesthouse. I really appreciate to spare your guys time for us. It was a short good time, people!

A friend then booked me a travel to Jogja. I have no choice. Alright, I have to be ready for a long long trip. I got the seat of the travel and would back home tomorrow.

Today was very tiring and we went to bed early.

June 19th, 2014

This morning, same like yesterday, we got up in the morning, prepared the gift for the children, the form that the therapists need to fulfil, and breakfast together.

Not much different with yesterday. All of us were working on different table with different categories of the app. The children came to each table and they did it simultaneously. Finally, each child tried all categories in all four tables. Each student was guided by each therapist while we stayed in the same table to guide them to try the app.

For me, today was very special. Why? Because we met many special kids! They were smart and also cute. They were special children who actually need special treatment. That’s why LexiPal app was made to try to help them overcome their problem. Too bad if smart children assumed stupid just because they need special way to learn. Today, the children who tried our app were 4 to 10 years old. Most of the children were very enthusiastic today. Overall, I satisfied with today’s trial. Thanks God!  

This evening, I have to run to Jogja. Good that another girl of our team could catch up to Bandung today. So we were all feel good about tomorrow’s agenda. Sorry team, I have to go back early!

June 20th, 2014

It took me 12 hours to be in Jogja. Traffic jam, you know, holiday season. O yeah.

It was really exhausted but it got paid. I met a nice committee who were very helpful and I officially got the grant. Yay!

Well, too bad that I missed the last day in Bandung. Team, share the story, please! 😉

Last, I would love to say thank you to the team in this trip. This trip allows us to know each of other better. Anyway, we are a damn good team! Let’s start working on it! ^__^


Learn the Goods and Leave the Bads

Written by Mega Ai

It’s been a week since I and he decided to end our togetherness we’ve built for almost two years.

Flashing back the time in 2012, in the same month, May, for the first time, I and he went out together to watch a musical drama. Well, I supposed to watch with two of my friends but they had to cancel it because of some reasons. Since I already bought the tickets, I’ve gotta resell the ticket or it will waste. And ya, I found him and his close friend as the buyers.

Anyway, I and he joined the same voluntary organization in different division. We did not really know each other until a certain program was created and my division had to work together with his division. We worked together until the day we watched that musical drama. So, we had made friends for about a half year when we went out for musical drama.

I never had any special feeling toward this guy until that evening. I was wondering, why I never realize this charming guy within six months in the organization? I saw him as a partner in job. No more. That evening, I saw his attitudes and personality in a better way. He looked pretty cool by that couple hours together, I start admiring this guy since then.

Since that musical drama, our conversation in instant messaging started to talk about not-jobs-things. We started going out together more often. We went out for book stores, grabbing some foods, ice dreams, drinks, watching movies or just hanging out together. Also, travelling, sometimes.

Months later since the musical drama, he asked me one question, would I ever say yes if he asked me to marry him one day? I guess I didn’t give him an answer yet. He made everything’s clear by that night. A week after, I want to make a clear relationship. Then, 25-26 August 2012 in the midnight, we declared to be together. Yes, we made a commitment by that time.

Since that day, there was nothing extremely changed. We were still working together in the organization. Had different arguments about our jobs sometimes, just like before. The only different was actually our relationship status.

I never realize that we’ve been together for almost two years. Time flies, really!

We experienced many things together. We, at least me, learned a lot through our togetherness. We collaborate in many projects both commercial and voluntary. We wrote articles together, made some postcards, did video project, and many others. I do really thankful for the chance to work together with him. It was not always easy to work together as a couple. You have to struggle harder to be as professional as possible, including when you have problems with your relationship. Having that moment, I also very thankful, I learned again.

We also experienced LDR. Can you imagine that we always live in the same city but then we have to be separated 16.000 km away with 6 hours different for 4 months? Both of us agreed that was sucks. We argued and fought a lot during our long distance relationship. Some friends said, the feeling that you are missing people that you love, make you super duper sensitive. It was easier to get mad, to get hurt and cry, and the like. It was a hard time, but we were happy we could pass it and learned a lot during our long distance relationship. After I went back home, we appreciate more our time together. Meeting him again after 4 months was the best time ever. It was just soooooooo relieving!

Well, I can say, we shared every single thing, joy and also sorrow. We gave supports to each other in our hardest time in this life. Again, I was very thankful that I have someone to rely on when you are down. Someone who were willing to be in your side in your hardest life. I was happy because happiness that we had was real that both of us can share.

People said that a relationship won’t be perfect without any problems. We had it, sometimes. We fight sometimes, and we broke few times. Haha. About breaking up, I admit that I am the one who was always easily giving up our relationship.

Some of my friends asked me, what makes me love him like a crazy. Hmm, I have many reasons why I admire him. I could not break down all the values he (who is younger in age than me) taught me. But I know he taught me how to be not very selfish, how to listen and respect others. He taught me how to hold on your principal, being humble, how simplify thing rather than complicate it, and he taught me how to be brave to face the life and future. I owe him a big deal though. And every time I asked him, what makes him loves me. He always answered, “I just love you,”. That’s all.

But yeah, as a human being, he has weaknesses as well. I’d prefer not to mention in here.

Unfortunately, there was a different principal between me and him in regards to “close friend”. I will not force him to follow my principal, and vice versa. After such a long and deep thinking with many considerations, I decided to end our togetherness, for (I hope) the good sake of us. We agreed to separate nicely. We might failed in this relationship, but as a friend said to me, relationship is a never ending learning. I promise to learn from what I went through so far. It was hard and sad. I might get lost for a couple of time. But I promise myself, I will surely move on.

If this guy read this note, I just wanna say Thank you, and Thank God to letting we meet!! It was a great time to have you walking in my path, for a little while. 🙂


Lampung, The paradise of Sumatra ^_^

Couple months ago, someone gave me a handmade notebook before I flew to the furthest country I’ve ever been. On the back of the notebook, he put a quote that I will always remember.

“The true traveller is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of time.” Collette – Paris from My Window, 1944. 

About a month ago, starting with having some ice cream together, I and some friends were decided to have a trip to Lampung, one the provinces in Sumatra Island. The flight tickets were booked at the time we had the ice cream, seriously. Well, it was not that sudden plan; we’ve been planning on it since years ago when we’re still in the college.

This week, we made the trip happened. We, at least me, still got trapped in the euphoria of the trip until today.

Actually, this month was not a holiday; there are even many tasks to complete. But we agreed that we need some breaks. Anyways, this is a break, not a runaway.

It wasn’t easy to decide to go travelling or not. Why? Because we realize that after the travelling is over, that would be the hardest time to come back to the daily routine or some people said, come back to the reality. Hehe.

Minutes before I flew to Lampung, he, again said to me, just go travelling but make sure that after you are coming back, you got your mood booster and happy, not vice versa. I said to him, I will though.

On Thursday, right after the class is over; I catch up with the other friends in the airport. We look forward to see Lampung and one of our friends there. Yes, we have a friend there. The magnetic power from him was so strong so that make us excited to be there.

The very first time we stepped on our feet on the land of Lampung, I was just speechless. It wasn’t the first time for me to be in the other island of Java, but still, it feels amazing to be in the other island.

We went around the city and enjoyed the night until the day we went through the sea to touch down the other island in Lampung. It’s gonna be my third time to be somewhere in an island after karimun jawa and tidung island. And you know what; my excitement was always being like the first time for me.

At night, we made a bonfire and baked the chicken. A big struggle to have this chicken cooked but we satisfied with what we made. Yay!

In the morning, we are ready to explore other islands and do snorkelling. We went to balak island which was very very very beautiful and there is only us. It feels like, this island is belong to you. It brings you peaceful and nemo to see!! Yes, we saw nemo!!

Continue to pahawang island, it brings you even more excitement. There was one spot which gives you the best underwater scenery ever! I would never forget.

We are going back to the city and plan to do some culinary. Like a crazy, we eat every single thing. We eat too much. This come to a result, one of our friends got serious stomach ache and we have to bring him to the emergency at the time we have to go back home. It was a hard time, but then we decide to delay our departure to go home. On the last day, we were staying on the hospital. Everybody’s tired. But I personally feel that my happiness to be in this trip was much bigger than the tiring I feel.

Magic happens! It needs only one day to be fit again! We spent our last day enjoying the city from a high place, eating ice cream and delicious food, and spending more time with his family. Last day was just too perfect! If there’s no class coming in, I would probably stay longer. I wish. Haha!

Anyway, this trip makes us happy, but meeting him and his family was even making us happier. I have to say thanks a lot to him and his family (especially his cute nephews and niece) to let us know the life and the culture of people there. It’s worth more than everything. Also, thanks to all my best friends in this trip. Thanks for happiness you shared. I am happy.

This is a note for the trip, hopefully next time, the complete story of the trip can be written as well. This is my story, others might have different story, don’t you? ^__^


Indonesia Power Shift; We SWITCH!

In each day, I realized that the number of people who start concerning about the mother earth is increasing. Last few days were quite exciting, at least for me. A hundred young people from all over Indonesia came to Yogjakarta (one of the provinces in Java Island) and joined in to the camp called SwitchCamp. It was amazing! Not forgetting 20 people, also from all over Indonesia, who have been working so hard to make this happened. March 20th to March 23rd, 2014, was being the moment I would never forget. Hundred youngsters sat aside to learn, to discuss, and to share knowledge, ability, and spirit for a better environment. 

Switch Camp was opened with an art performance, speech videos from Bill McKibben (350), Zeph (350 Philippines), Hong (350 Vietnam), Liangyi (350 Northeast Asia) and also speeches from Syaiful (350 Indonesia) and Natty (350 East Asia). 

This camp is divided into 3 (three) agenda: plenary sessions, track sessions, and regional session. In the plenary sessions, the speakers deliver information and knowledge about fossil fuel, deforestation, and renewable energy which is in line with the focus campaign of 350 Indonesia. And the track session is divided into 4 (four) smaller groups, which are artivism (art & activism), media and communication, creative resourcing, and non-violent direct action. The speakers are all the experts on those fields, the practitioners, and also the activists. In the regional session, the participants are divided into 3 (three) groups based on their focus interest in regards to 350 Indonesia’s focus campaign.Therefore, as the output of this regional session, we have at least 3 (three) action plans in fossil fuel, deforestation, and renewable energy issues. 

There was also a tour during the camp to visit an eco-friendly village in the southern part of Jogjakarta named Poncosari. Poncosari is struggling to be an energy independent village. Wind turbines and solar panels were installed to produce electricity. And three biogas digesters are fully functioned to fulfil community needs for gas.

It is NOW possible to switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy. This village has the proof. On that day, we brought up the message to the nation and the world. We demand “Energy Sovereignty”. Indonesia is rich in renewable energy resources; the sunlight, wind, water, geothermal, etc., but the effort to exploit the sources are not well supported yet. In fact, most of power plants in Indonesia produce dirty energy, more than 60%, from the fossil fuel. That day, youth reps from all over Indonesia were agreed that renewable energy should replace fossil fuel and coal based electricity for more sustainable environment. 

At the same time with our visit to Poncosari, we also commemorated the International Day of Forest on March 21st, 2014. It was a big day for us to stand up against deforestation because as a matter of fact, deforestation was also the real impact of coal mining expansion. 

Now, hundred young people in all over Indonesia are preparing to make those actions plans happened. Anyway, we are ready to SWITCH. What about you? -Mega- 


Behind the Scene: Switch Camp 

I am not going to tell a lot about the process. This is just a personal reminder. About the environment. About hope. About cooperation, responsibility, and also about heart. 

For me personally, meeting the younger generation seems to see my own self. My own self in the past. Whether it’s about what is in me now or that has been lost. Or maybe what I ignore and forget to do. The debt promises toward my own self which are then accumulated, and then explode. 

Meeting with the older generation, at least it makes me aware; people are human being with its positive and negative side. There is a quote from my first boss where I worked that I always remember every time I am going to work, “We do not need a superman, but we need super team”. To be honest, I learned a lot from him. It was so short to work with him, but it left me a deep impression. How then to maintain a balance between the goals and keep the feeling well is important. Difficult indeed and each has its own way to overcome it. 

Some choose to be silent, wait, and then act. Some choose to act based on experience, collide, and then fix it. Some choose to follow the heart, ignore the instructions, but maybe become the most aware of the situation and conditions. There also some choose to follow the instructions, keep the heart, and keep silent until the last day. All choose. 

At the end of the story, we have to undergo what has become a promise to ourselves. Integrity. If it is not, at least it closes to what has been spoken. Could be like Shakespeare; kill all of the characters with the tragedy genre. Or just turn it over. Being Comedy. Classical. Mainstream. Hollywood. Everyone’s Happy. Let through what has happened, but still pack the things that deserve to be presented to the audience in the next story. Without having much frowned, but still able to make it interesting to see. Presenting the names behind the scene, and proud of the work they have done. 

Because we choose. Switch. On, and Off.   -Juned- 

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala & Junaedi Ghazali. 

Edited by Hermitianta Prasetya. 

Photographed by tigalimapuluh media team 


PS: I still remember the days and nights we had online meetings through skype and whatsapp messenger. I still remember a small debate occurs during the discussion. I still remember the laughs in every discussion as well. I still clearly remember every single step we did to make this camp happened. 

From the deepest of my heart, I would love to say thank you so much for all the cool committee and the participants which makes this camp even cooler! 

Now look forward to OUR NEXT MOVEMENT!! ^__^

Open Market; a small piece of Europe

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

When I was child, other continent like Europe, America, Africa and others are somewhere so-far-away that I probably couldn’t reach in the whole of my life. But now, I see things differently, every impossible thing in the first place seems to be more possible. Hence, touching down impossible land in my first thought seems becoming more possible as well. You might be feeling the same as you grow older, don’t you?

I believe that every struggle will get rewarded and every prayer would be heard. This year, I got a chance to step on my feet in some of the lands in Europe. I couldn’t believe this until I realized that this is real.

I also believe that what I see, what I feel, and what I do during my travel in this other part of the world would be influencing my perspective to see the whole world.

Open Market in Rotterdam

Anyway, there is a bunch of story of life that I wanted to share. But for the very beginning, let me share a story about traditional market. Why market?

I learned how important of the existence of market in Indonesia is. A volunteer organization which concern toward the development of market taught me how market becomes a “place” for thousands of Indonesian merchants relied on their lives. In short, the market and its merchants are the one we fight for. That’s why, market is special.

Not very far from where I live, in Rotterdam, there is an open market called Binnenrotte market. This is the biggest open market in Rotterdam. It also means that there are several other small open markets in this city. Most of the open markets here open once to twice a week. Binnenrotte market opens twice a week on Tuesday and Saturday. The customers of this market come from many different areas in Rotterdam. The activity in this market starts at 8 am until 5 pm. We can find almost everything in here. There are many merchants spread out in around 400 stalls. The stalls are organized based on the commodity they sell. In food area, all the stalls are selling only foods such as bread, vegetables, fruits, cheese, meat, and so on. The food stalls itself are numerous. Hence, the stalls are then organized based the food category. The stalls for cheese (one of famous products from Holland) for instance, they are located next each other. And so does in the flower area, all the stalls are selling flowers, in the clothes areas, all the stalls are selling clothes, and so on.

The merchants in this market make a very nice display toward their commodity they sell. However, organized display will attract more customers and make them easier to find what they need. Also, they put the price tag very clear on the commodity they sell which enables customer to consider what and how many they need to buy.

The merchants always greet and serve the customers with smile. Not few of the merchants and the customers make a short conversation about the commodity when the transaction happens.  

I often go to this market to buy stocks for my daily needs, such as vegetables, fruits, meats, eggs, and also shampoo, soap, and so on. You know, coming to this market is not only for fulfilling your daily needs, but more than that, you are part of the life of people in Rotterdam. That’s sweet, isn’t it?

From the pictures shown, we can see how they display their goods. Also probably we can see how they serve their customers. It’s good to apply what is good in here into our market in Indonesia.


Flea Market in Brussels

Another day, I walked down one of the streets in Brussels, Belgium. It was a very bright day of Saturday. I found an open market near the city hall of Brussels. It was a flea market at Place du Jeu de Balle. It sells antique, old stuffs, and many types of second hand stuffs. We could find many things here. We could find clothes, bags, shoes, kitchen utensils, electronic devices, also old books in some of the stalls. This flea market opens every day since the morning till afternoon. I was there to look around for almost one hour before continued walking.

I continued walking to do sightseeing in the city of Brussels. During my city tour, I found two other flea markets in a residence area. So, I was visiting three flea markets within the whole day. And I am quite sure that there are many other flea markets held in the other areas. Most of these flea markets open on the weekend and they mostly sell daily second hand stuffs.

A friend of mine told me that most of the areas must be having their own day to open a flea market. This is how it works; the people living in a certain area are discussing and making an agreement to hold an open market in their own area. For example, they agree to open a market on Saturday. Then, on Saturday started in morning, the residents living there are opening their own stalls in front of their houses. They sell their old stuffs which no longer used. Usually, their customers are their own neighbours. Opening a market like this is becoming a culture for some parts of people in many areas in Belgium, or at least, in Brussels. But of course, this flea market is also welcomed for other buyers and sellers from other area.

In my opinion, this flea market cultures brings many benefits. First, we don’t waste too much stuffs. Your neighbour or other people might really need the stuffs you are not longer use it. You can get some income by selling those stuffs and the buyers get benefit by having a cheap price for the stuffs they need. Last, of course, the market will give you an opportunity to meet and greet your neighbour, to have and to keep good interaction and relationship with your neighbour.

I think it would be a good idea to apply this flea market system in Indonesia. We can start it from the smallest scope of area, which is neighbourhood (Rukun Tetangga). Of course, we need to keep it in our mind that buying second hand stuffs is not something embarrassing. Otherwise, it is something that will bring you many benefits. So, why don’t we try?