I am single…

Look, it doesn’t mean that I am promoting my self through this blog, okay? 😛

When I met my old friends in a certain occasion, most of them asked me,
“Do you have boy friend, Mec?”
“No, I don’t,”
They don’t believe me.
“Hare gene belum punya pacar?” That’s what they said to me.
Well, whatever. I tell the truth. I have no boyfriend yet. I am still single. So, what’s the matter? Does single is something embarrassing? I don’t think so. I am still young, I am still 20. I do enjoy my life as a single, that’s all.
Borrowing a song from Opi, “I am single and very happy”
(Mega Aisyah)



I live in a discipline family. My parents are entrepreneur, they are not working in the office which is demanded to come at 7 or 8 am and go home at the certain time. They are not that kind of people. But my parents are typical people who are very appreciate time. They always teach us to be discipline and appreciate time. I always thank God for giving me this family.
It’s difficult to believe that finding a discipline people is like finding a needle in the straw. So, could you imagine how bad our culture is?
I have a bad experience about this really-really-bad culture. I have a new friend. And of course I am glad having a new friend. I and my new friend have the same purpose in joining an activity. Our home is not really far, we decide to go together. Because she has no vehicle, I have to pick her up in every activity that we join to. I am really okay to always pick her up. But one thing that I am not okay, I have to wait her, always! I have to wait her for at least 15 minutes. I always try to be on time, but I never could be. I always come late to the activity. It sucks!
I sometimes think who actually needs who? I just think that if somebody needs me, please appreciate me. I always try to be on time, so please try being so. How could I appreciate her if she couldn’t appreciate me who appreciate time? Whatever! I do not appreciate people who do not appreciate time! (Mega Aisyah)

I don’t like people who smoke…

Smoking, it’s already become a common activity for many people in this world. All the body knows that cigarette is killing smoker slowly but surely. But smoker keep smoking. Men, women, even kids are smoking around me. And the population of smoker is getting higher and higher. Honestly, I don’t like people who smoke. In my eye, people who smoke do not care or do not love their body. I wonder how smokers could love other body if they even cannot love their own body.
I don’t like smoker who do not pay attention to the surrounding when they are smoking, more than everything. I often experienced it in a public place or even in my small environment. For instance, when I was going with many friends to a restaurant, several friends begin lighting the cigeratte and smoke. I don’t know whether they could see many passive smokers beside them or not because they smoke as if nobody’s around. I wonder whether the smoker ever learn that becoming passive smoker is more dangerous than becoming active smoker. Or do the smokers learn and understand the impact of smoking before they decide to? I don’t really know.
For smoker, if smoking is already become your choice, it’s up to you, but please, do not involved us who do not smoke if you are smoking. So, if you want to smoke, please find a place far far away from us who do not smoke.
Well, I just don’t like people who smoke. It’s just my own personal opinion. 🙂 (Mega Aisyah)

Salesman, a great profession…

‘Indonesia’, when I said that word, poverty, disaster, and stupidity, will come up in the mind of people out there. I may say yes, that’s maybe true. But that is not the only things that Indonesia has. I am still seeing many struggles above my country’s land. I am sure about it. Actually, what I am going to talk about is salesman. You know that profession, right? There is high level, middle level, and also low level of salesman. Of course, not rare or maybe often we met low level of salesman. We met them almost anytime and anywhere.
I myself, oftenly found young man or woman as the salesmen walking around the street, visit one home to another home while bringing some stuffs to be offered. They walk and walk with their hopes. Hopes there is somebody would be their customer. They have to face many different people in a day and I am sure that sick of feeling is already become a common dishes for them. They even don’t care the sun is so shiny or the rain is falling. They keep walking, they keep struggling.
But sometimes, I can’t deny that I feel disappointed with the way of salesman persuade the customers. Oftenly, they are not just persuading but forcing people to buy their product. This is one of my experiences from several bad experiences that I have ever faced with some salesmen. A long time ago, I was going to the mall to find something that I need. Suddenly my friend called me and asked for my help. Then I had to go as soon as possible. In the exit door of the mall, two salesmen came to me and gave me such kind of trial product. I accept it. After that, they asked me to sign in their list. So I follow them to their counter. I signed it and they kept talking and talking to offer me their product. I said, “Sorry, I am really in a hurry,”. Then one of them answered, “It’s just a minute,”. Okay but they still kept talking and talking. This is enough. My patience is over. “I have to go now!” I shout them and go while give it back the trial product to them. They fool me. Huff…
After that, I feel sorry to them. I never meant to shout them. But I just feel disappointed and angry. Why didn’t they appreciate my business? I’ve told them that I am in hurry, but they didn’t even listen to me. They kept talking and talking. It makes me suck.
Nowadays, many people consider that profession as a salesman is almost nothing, but not in my eye. Even sometimes I feel disappointed with them, for me, salesman is a great profession. In my country, to be a salesman, people has to be brave. Not only brave, people has to be patient and persistent (remember these two words from Door to Door movie).
So, I just don’t want to underestimate a certain profession, especially a great profession like salesman. Whatever the profession, we have to appreciate it. (Mega Aisyah)