Think Simply

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

This is a story in one day of the school. It’s a story that changes my mind toward this life. It’s a story from my Professor in English conversation class when I was studying in SolBridge Int’l Business School South Korea couple months ago.

Well, it was cold in the evening; spring came a bit late at that time. I walked to the school. It was my first time to attend the conversation class. It is not a mandatory program; student may come and go as they want. This class was held on Friday night. It might be the best time to go hang out or have a lot of rest after passing very tiring weekdays, right? But there is always something more valuable if you sacrifice something, isn’t it?

Anyway, in my first conversation class, my Professor who came from United States told us a story about his Professor. My Professor was still in the first semester of his college when the story began.

My professor began his story, “It was my first day of the school. I and the other students were in the class waiting for out Professor. In five minutes, the professor came. He didn’t talk anything and began his lecture with one word, one question mark and that’s all. He just wrote “why?” in the white board and then he asked the students to answer this question and submit it in the next meeting. He left the class and the class was over. I was thinking, what the hell he is doing?! I was a bit shocked, and like every student in the classroom, I couldn’t tell about this Professor,”

He stopped his story for a while and smiled. It seemed that he wanted to make us more curious about his story. Anyway, I bet you are laughing or at least smiling if you see his expression while he was telling us the story. I will never ever forget him. He is a freak Professor, anyway.

My Professor continued his story, “In the next meeting, I and the other students were ready with our pages of essay. I spent a lot of times to prepare it. That’s not an easy task anyway. We submitted it and my professor directly checked our essay one by one. When he finished, my Professor said, “There is only one student among all of the students who did the homework correctly,”

“You know every student was shocked. Then when we looked at the answer, this student only writes two words and one exclamation mark. He just wrote, “Why not!”

What a remarkable story!!!

Thank you to Professor Phillip who had been telling me this story.

this picture is adopted from

this picture is adopted from