Love Isn’t Blind Anyway; it’s Just, Love Doesn’t See Any Difference

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

When I was kid, it’s kind of strange for me to see foreigner (like western people). Every time I saw them, I was wondering, why they have such kind of weird physical appearance. Why they look so different from me. They sometimes have different color of hair instead of black, they have blue or green eyes, and they have very different skin color, such as black or white. I also wondering, how they can be around me, here in my country. And how can they communicate (in a broad perspective) with the people in my country. That’s being one big question for me. However, foreigner was kind of unbelievable creature for me at that time.

As the increasing of my age and my education, I started to understand the different nationality, different culture, language, behavior, habit, and alike. I started to understand all of them well; even until high school I never really have foreigner as a friend. I keep wondering do I really can make friend with foreigner. I guessed it will be very complicated to make friends with the people who can’t really understand about our language, culture, and others. Well, at that time, foreigner is still being somebody not-ordinary for me.

Then finally, I came to study in university; I started to have some friends from different countries through many ways. And as the time goes by, realize it or not, now I am having quite lots of friends from many different countries like European countries, Asian countries, Australia, and United States. Even some of them are being my close friends until now. It makes me realize that to have foreigner as close friends isn’t impossible, at all. Having a friendship with foreigner isn’t as complicated as I previously thought. Even though, I am not denying that sometimes the different, like language, becomes a matter. But that’s really not a big anyway.


In my thought, a friendship is kind of relationship which is involving a feeling from our heart. Previously, I was thinking that it is impossible to create a close friendship with foreigner because I wasn’t sure that I can involve my feeling inside our friendship. But hey, that’s not what I am feeling right now. I am using my heart to make friends with them, just like what I am doing with my friends who have the same nationality with me. I and my foreigner friends can share every joy and every sorrow from heart to heart.

Well, I think it is going to stop until a friendship relationship. But I am wrong. Our relationship with foreigner might be more than that. You know what I mean? Exactly, it is about love. Previously, I wasn’t sure that I might fall in love to somebody who has extreme differences with me. Having it is quite impossible anyway. But life shows me another. Life proves me the things that I don’t believe at the previous. Look, now I am falling in love to a person who has different nationality, language, culture, habit, and even faith and believe. Well, it doesn’t mean that love is blind. Love isn’t blind anyway; it’s just, love doesn’t see any difference.

Thanks to the only God,,, for letting me to feel this,,,

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