Life Is Beautiful If You Make It That Way,,, ;)

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

I can’t sleep this evening, well, just like the other nights I went through lately though. Midnight has passed again. Tired of doing some stuff, I end it up and write this note.

I suddenly remember a conversation that I’ve ever had with some of my close friends’ long time ago. We were talking about life. One of them said to me that he saw me always busy with a bunch of activities in every single day. He asked me, do I enjoy my life with those activities. Well, maybe I do or maybe I don’t. I am not really sure in which condition people can be assumed as ‘enjoy the life’.

Well, it’s true that I’ve got to do some activities like going to school, attending language course, running a start-up business, being a freelance writer, and everything. Um, attending the class is the only way I learn economic as a student. So it’s something that I need. Hehe. Attending language course is kind of addicted. I always curious about new things I learned. I like it though. Honestly, I admit that it’s sometimes hard to see other friends can spend their time until late together while I have to serve the customer. It is sometimes hard to see friends can go outing every time they want while I always have to be in front of my laptop and type in my every morning. But hey! There is always something valuable when you sacrifice something, right? Yeah. You know, there is always a new story about customer. There is always a new experience when you meet various customers or partners of your business. And there is always new knowledge I got from every topic I wrote as a freelance writer. Those are worth for me.

Nowadays, I have a very long holiday; there is no school in my life recently. And you know what? I’m now busy looking for an activity to replace school within my holiday. I just realize that I love doing a bunch of activities in my days. Hehe. Anyway, being busy doesn’t mean that I couldn’t listen to my favorite songs or watch my favorite movies. Being busy doesn’t mean that I don’t have time to do the other things besides study and work. I always have time to do things I love. Moreover, I still have a lot of weekends to spend with anything I want to do. I always have time to go to find some ice creams, to attend dinner invitation, to go to swim, to go to cinema, to go to travel, and so on. Well, now I understand that having a lot of things to do in my daily life is the way I enjoy the life. This way I see the beauty of the life. However, I believe that life is beautiful if we make it that way.

I have a friend which is always spending her time to read text books and studying. I am wondering does she enjoy her life. But yeah, she is. Me, enjoy spending a lot of time to get busy with anything, especially something which earns money. Haha. My friend is enjoying her life by reading and studying. And another friend might be enjoying her life with admiring her favorite singer or alike. However, we need to understand that the way people enjoying the life are different from one to another. Everyone can make a beautiful life with their own way. 😉

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