There is always be a goodbye in every hello

Written by Mega Ai

In this early morning, I wasn’t in my bed. Today isn’t like usual. I was in the airport to say goodbye to my friends. Well, it’s not the first time; but still, I’m not getting used to with goodbye, never and never.

Today, two of my friends are leaving from my country to continue their other life and to pursue their dreams. Yeah, I feel loss like many previous goodbyes. But I realize that every single thing exist above the earth has to have two contrary poles. So, every hello must have a goodbye. Every meeting must have a farewell. That’s a life should be, right?

You know it reminds me about the history of this friendship. It’s been two years since the first time I know the first people from Cambodia. From the first people I know, I know the other friends. The time they were leaving is the time some new friends were coming. It happened year by year. Yeah, it’s totally the same like today. They are leaving yet new friends are coming. However, I didn’t stop my friendship even though they were leaving, I continue within the new people. My friendship is still going even though people keep coming and go. Our togetherness still exists until now anyway. Well, that’s what I called as an endless friendship.

It doesn’t matter when we have to say goodbye since we’re gonna have another hello for every friendship. ^_^

two of my cambodian friends are leaving from indonesia,,, 😦


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