I am Falling in Love Sometimes,,, ;)

Written by Mega Ai

“There is no perfect man,,, and love his imperfection is actually what I want,,,”

Couple weeks ago, I met some old friends in middle and high school. Some issues comes up between us are mostly about study, job, and boyfriend. Hehe. Many of them are about to finish their study, just like me. Some others have got a good job. Some others are continuing their study. Some others are married and some other friends are planning to get married within one or two years. Most of them are having a serious relationship with their boyfriend right now. The topic about boyfriend is being the hottest issue at that time. Girls! Haha. Well, but it’s really sweet to listen to their love story. I haven’t had any story about boyfriend but I told them that I am falling in love sometimes. Hehe.

You know what I am thinking about them? They are just too fast to step on to the next level of their life. But wait, is it them who are too fast or is it me who is too late to think about it? Oh, I really never think about it.

My friend ever said to me that I am too young to think about love. Well, I guess he is right. My age will just turn into 23 in the next few months. I feel that I am just too young to think about love while I still need plenty of time to study and to prepare for my future.

But yeah, I am falling in love sometimes. It might not be sweet story like what my friends have with their boyfriends. But I am glad to have this memory and share with them. The first time, I fell in love to the right person, but not in the right time since he is in a relationship with another girl. The second time, I fell in love to the ‘wrong’ person but really in the right time. We have different nationality, religion, and everything. It will be hard for us, so we should not going. Those are the stories and I want the next story will be different.

And the reason why I wrote this. I want people know, not having a relationship doesn’t mean that I am not falling in love or I am finding a perfect man or alike. I just remember what my friend said, she asked me to love an ordinary man extraordinarily. I love her words and I will do. She just need to know that I am not in a relationship with anyone not because I want the extraordinary or perfect man. There is no perfect man in this world and love his imperfection is actually what I want. I just want to meet the right man in the right time. So, when the right time is coming, I want the right man is coming to me. ^_^

PS: my sister said that the perfect thing is when you can love a man with all his imperfections

I only wanna hold your hand,,, (sorry, terrible drawing! :D)

I only wanna hold your hand,,, (sorry, terrible drawing! :D)


Let’s just Try to Create a Saving Culture

Written by Mega Ai

Couple days ago, I met and had a conversation with some close friends. You know what were we talking about? We were talking about money, more specifically, we were talking about saving money. All of us have a problem with saving money. None of us can save any money in the end of the month. What a pity!

Well, August 31, 2011 was my last day to be a freelance writer. What does that mean? That means, there is no monthly income anymore and there is no saving money anymore. The sallary isn’t that big, but at least it’s enough to fulfill my personal expenses. And having my own income is one of the achievements I have done because I do not need to receive any money from my parents anymore. Anyway, I need the money but I really really got bored with the jobs. I need a rest for a while. And now, I am receiving the monthly money again from my parents. What an embarasssing! 😦

After a long conversation, we concluded that we have a big expenses in certain aspects, therefore, we need to cut it down. Example, one friend has a big expenses to buy clothes for example is t-shirt, shirt, skirt, and such stuffs. Another friend has a big expenses in spending balance/credit for cellular phone, such as internet access, texting, and calling. And I, always have a big expenses to buy such snacks, like ice cream, cake, chocolate, cheaps, and stuffs. It’s really hard for us not to buy the things we loved since we always have a big desire about it. The desire is always there, but not all the desires have to be fulfilled, right? The worse is those stuffs are not such kind of urgent things! We HAVE TO learn to save the money. We HAVE TO be more humble or economical or simple in life. So, we decide to create a saving culture. It doesn’t have to be a large amount of money for the beginning, we just need to be consistent with a small amount of money in every end of month. Hopefully, starting this month, we can be consistent to save our money.

If we look at the people around us. We’ll see how hard they struggle for their life and their family. How hard people work just to fulfill the needs of rice. How hard people work to pay the school and stuffs. We shouldn’t be arrogant and try to live simply humble. What do you think? 😉

this picture is adopted from 3.bp.blogspot.com

this picture is adopted from 3.bp.blogspot.com

Behind the Scene of Our “Cermin Dua Sisi” the Movie (part 2)

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

It’s gonna be long reading,,, I hope you won’t fall asleep,,, 😛

As you know, we are now making such kind of short movie which is about 30-45 minutes entitled “Cermin Dua Sisi” for the celebration of our organization and other purposes. In this article, I “still” won’t discuss about the story of the movie. I will discuss later on though. Right now, I want to write down what I have in mind about the people involved in this movie.

There are seven characters in this movie. Instead of describing each character in details, I will just describe them at a glance. The first character is Badai who is acted by Arif Atmaja. Badai is 22 years old. He is typical easy going man, smart, visionary man, and so on. He is an urban person. The second is Rojak who is acted by Muhammad Faizal. He is a Betawi man, 21 years old, humorous, and open minded. The third is Meyda who is acted by Hemas Dea Suryanina. She is 22 years old, smart, energetic, open minded, and so on. She is a Javanese who were born in Sumatra. Those three characters are in one side. The forth is Damar who is acted by M Lukman Sofyan. Damar is 23 years old. He is typical smart guy, quite strict & birocratic, and difficult to accept changes or innovation. He is originally from Jogjakarta. The fifth is Aang who is acted by Ade Fajar Nugraha. He is 22 years old, typical forgetful and inconsistent person but he is solutive and has briliant ideas. He is a Sundanese. The sixth character is Fira. She is 21 years old. She is typical girl with blandness, smart, very cautious, and so on. She is from Solo (Central Java). I act as Fira in this movie. These three characters are in the same side. The seventh as the last is Andri who is acted by Muhammad Fauzan Al-Asyiq. He is typical smart, solutive, and wise person.

Well, it’s my personal opinion toward each person involved in this movie project. No one is perfect. If you see only the good things here, doesn’t mean that they don’t have weaknesses in my eyes. I just wanna make it this way. I will let them know personally if they want to know their weaknesses. But overall, their strength is a lot more dominant than their weaknesses for sure! 😉

The first is Arif Atmaja. I’ve known this guy since the first time I joined this organization in the first year of my study. We’ve been friend for quite long anyway. He is just one year above me. He is really nice, caring, patient, and funny. He is also very wise, you know, he is kind of good brother I guess. And, if you have a bad mood, you can just take a look at his face, he will help you laughing or at least smiling. Hahaha. His acting is really impressive. I never know he is good on acting. And, thank you, Mas! for always giving me spirit for the whole process in this movie making! Your words means a lot to me. He finished his study in our university but I often seen him around in campus. What the hell he is doing??? I have no idea,,, hahaha,,, 😀

The second is Muhammad Faizal. I have the same academic year with him, just different major of study. I also know this guy since I joined this organization in the first year of my study. Since we’re different division in organization we didn’t have a lot of contacts. I thought he is typical kind of shy, calm, and such stuff person. But after spending quite sometimes together. I just realized that I am wrong. He is really nice, easy going, responsible, and funny. I just can’t believe he is just so fun! He is doing the character in the movie greatly. I never know he is really good on acting too. 😀

The third is Hemas Dea Suryanina. She is not only a pretty girl, but she is a beautiful girl. She impressed me with her blandness, kindhearted, and her steadiness toward her religion. I am older than her, but I should learn from her how to behave as a good religion follower. Yes, that’s true. Because of her behaviour, she looks very mature. I don’t really know her before since I am done with this organization when she is coming in. Furthermore, she impressed me on how she is doing excellently on acting in this movie. Anyway, I got impressed about her and I should learn a lot from her.

The forth is M Lukman Sofyan. Well, about this guy, he is really unique and super duper easy going. Or I can say, he is a crazy man. Haha. He is also very funny, he always able to make me laugh with his unique behavior. I don’t know but there is something inside him which makes me feel good when he is around. He is younger than me, but sometimes (even seldom,,, :P) I found his mature behaviour which is impressed me. I don’t really know this guy since the same like Hemas, I’ve been done with this organization when he is coming in. He is a unique innocent anyway. Haha.

The fifth is Ade Fajar Nugraha. He is quite new in this organization. I never met him before. I know him in this movie making project. He is also younger than me. He is typical kind of calm person but really easy going. He is caring and patient. He is a good listener anyway. I love to talk with him. His words always able to strength me. His words always able to give me spirit and feel good. Just like Lukman, we got closer quickly. He has a very good expression on his face when he is doing acting,,, 😀

The sixth is Muhammad Fauzan Al-Asyiq. As stated in his last name, this guy is really fun. Haha. My opinion toward him is almost the same like my pervious thought about Faizal but I am wrong, totally wrong. He has an excellent sense of humor. His humor is brilliant. Anyway this guy is damn smart and a very fast learner. He has so many skills too, amazing, right? And in his young age, he is very mature and wise. It’s kinda unusual to be mature as well as humorous like him. It’s just good to make friend and cooperate with him. He is called as human with all the things inside. Hehe. 😀

And we have Ely Windarti Hastuti and Rizky Arya Lestari. Those two girls are in charged in controlling all the needs of the movie making process. They work from A-Z for this movie. They really have a high responsibility toward their jobs. They put the team needs above theirs. I never looked them tired of doing their jobs. Mobiling and keep working. I really appreciate people who work hard anyway. Besides, they are the one who encourage us to do the things well like what they’ve done for us. Directly or indirectly, they gave me spirit no matter way. Thank you for working so hard.

Umm,,, about Ridwan Hidayat as the producer, I’ve talked about him in my pervious article. Just want to add some here. I always remember how he forced the division team to work when we are still in the same division in the organization. Well, I love the way he leads us though, even sometimes I think he is too obsessed and almost crazy with his own goals. Hahaha. Well, but that’s good anyway. And one more thing, he has a baby face, don’t you think so?

Also about the director, Dudy Sya’bani Takdir, I’ve talked about him in my pervious article. He is really nice and patient. And he is always able to make me feel relief everytime I scared of making mistake. I always afraid to dissapoint him. But this way encourage me to do the best for him and for the whole team. Another thing, I love the way he thinks about everything in a positive way. I love his writing too. The way he understands his religion and the way he behave is really impressed me. He is unique in my eyes. 😀

And the photographer, Ipung Rosyid Soderi, thank you to get involved in this movie making process. I love your shots! You should get involved more to feel the spirit of this movie. Hehe.

Thank you to mas Wildan Taufiq Baasir and other friends for the spirit in many occasions. 😉

after lunch in the shooting location,,, :D

after lunch in the shooting location,,, 😀

The Very Beginning of Our “Cermin Dua Sisi” the Movie,,, :P (part 1)

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

One day, about three weeks ago, I got an sms from an old friend. His name is Ridwan Hidayat, he was the leader of my division in campus organization that I joined. This religious organization which is in Bahasa Indonesia usually called as Lembaga Dakwah Kampus, is one of the organizations I joined in my campus. The name of the organization is “JAM” shorted from Jamaah Al-Muqtashidin. I wasn’t that long to be a part of this organization, but the memory is long lasting, really! Prikitiewww,,, 😛

Back again, he asked me to join him to make such kind of short movie for the celebration of our organization. He said, it will spend like two weeks in October. Since I have free time in the beginning till mid of October, I said okay to him without asking him any questions,,, 😀

The reason why I directly say yes to him is because I really appreciate him as the leader of my division at that time, honestly, till today anyway. He always has a great vision and mission toward the organization and toward his life for sure. I really appreciate those kind of people though. And in this project, he is being the producer of the movie. The second reason is, I never have such kind of movie making experience, so why don’t just try? 🙂

Talking about the movie, we are doing the movie entitled “Cermin Dua Sisi” or in random English it’s called like The Two Sides of Mirror,,, maybe,,, hehe. It’s kind of religious short movie with the duration 30-45 minutes. The story is written by Dudy Sya’bani Takdir. He is also the Director of this movie. Well, it’s just great to have a very young and talented Director in the movie making project,,, 😉

In the first meeting, we are doing a casting to decide in which character we should play. We are asked to express anger, sadness, and happiness. It wasn’t easy though. But struggles never resulted nothing, right? I will always remember the Director said, everyone can make it if they want to struggle and just be positive about it. Easy! 😉

The story of the movie is about situation which we are oftenly seen in the reality in our campus organization, especially in religious organization. What is it? It’s kind of different perspective. In this movie, the story is going to be “How’s the activist of this religious organization should behave”. There are two different perspectives in the body of the organization. Which one is right and which is wrong? Just wait the movie launched and watch it. However, this movie will bring you to the goodness, not to the badness,,, 😀

Anyway, it’s really my first experience to get involved in the movie making project, and I am sure for the other friends too. We mostly know nothing about the movie making project. It isn’t easy but since we have an excellent Director, I am sure we are doing good on it. InsyaAllah. We’re working hard but fun in this movie. There are seven talents (players) in this movie, including me. Hehe. I don’t play a lot, only 5 scenes from about 30 scenes. But still, working hard is needed. 🙂

There are so much things I learned from the whole movie making process, from the producer, from the director, from the talents, and from the crew. You want to know more about those stuffs? Will tell you later in the next part,,, 😉

one evening in the movie making process,,, ;)

one evening in the movie making process,,, 😉

My Life is Good,,, even Better!!! :D

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

I am now in the 9th semester of my undergraduate study. Some of you might think what the hell am I doing for this long in the school. Well, it wasn’t necessarily something until I am facing my 8th semester. Let me tell you the stories,,, 😛

My study was nice and easy since I started studying in this private university. I was attending the classes, doing the assignments, doing the exams, and other stuffs. Those stuffs were going well semester by semester, year by year. Until my 6th semester, I made a chance to go to South Korea for student exchange program. Is it worth enough? Definitely yes. But luckily, I got something trouble after.

There is one subject that I couldn’t take in South Korea so then I have to take it in my home university. I was doing my 7th semester while doing my thesis after coming back. 7th semester passed and I come into the 8th semester. Still remember one subject that I have to take but you know, I am too lazy to take that class since it’s just one class. Because of my laziness, I am trying to find a better solution. Hehe. The topic about Independent Study which is only 1-2 months might replace one semester class comes up between me and one of the staff in my department. So, I met the Director to talk about Independent Study. After having a short conversation, I have to make an AGREEMENT LETTER which states, I may take Independent Study only if I could pass the thesis exam on April 2011. Alright, at that time, January 2011, the deal has been made.

It was April 2011. I’ve passed the thesis exam. I met the Director of my department to request for Independent Study. I got his signature and then I have to meet the Dean of my Faculty for his approval. Before meeting the Dean, I was thinking, 1-2 months ahead I will say goodbye to my undergraduate study. What a happy thought!

But you know what, he rejected my request. I was surprised and I asked him why. He told me that the rule of Independent Study is the students had failed to do certain subject at least three times. Then I told him the reason why I request this Independent Study. The staff and The Director told me to tell the reason of student exchange program. Then I told him so. You know what’s he saying?
“It’s not my business,” he said.
I was shocked.
“What?! But the Director signed it,” I said.
“Well, that’s your Director’s problem,” he added.
Become more shocked.
“So, what should I do if you reject my Independent Study?”
“Well, you have to take the reguler class,”
I was quite for while.
“What the hell are you saying? If it’s not your business, why are you making such an exchange student program? Are you kidding me?!” I said it to myself. Haha.

I really want to shout and curse him. But I didn’t want to create a worse situation and I don’t want to debate any longer. Moreover, I still appreciate him as my friend’s father. Kekeke. I was mad and my attitude might annoy him too, so I decided to leave his office.

After the rejection incident, I met the staff and the Director of my department. I met them and they were quite surprise too. So, you can imagine how surprise I am when the Dean rejected my request? It’s like, oh God, someone destroyed my future. Someone ruined all my beatiful plans of my future. Well that’s too much. But I really feel like, I AM FACING THE DARKEST ERA IN MY LIFE.

My Director will try to talk to the Dean. The days waiting for the good news were so turtoring. A week after the rejection, seems like the Director doesn’t succeed to bargain with the Dean. Well, it’s not fair for me. It seems like there was a misunderstanding between me and my department. I know I made a big mistake by not taking the class in the 8th semester. They didn’t expect that the class offered in the 8th semester and I didn’t take it. Then I remind them about the AGREEMENT LETTER which is made BEFORE the class registration. IF the topic about Independent Study didn’t come up and IF I didn’t request for it and IF they didn’t ask me to make an agreement letter about the Independent Study, I will surely take that class in the 8th semester. But forget that IF! That’s wasteful I know. I was wondering, what’s the agreement letter for if at the end no one can responsible for it. But then, I was thinking, I am safe since I have the agreement letter, I still have chance to struggle it further.

I met my thesis adviser who is also the ex Dean of my faculty to have a consultation. He recommend me to write a letter to the Senator of my faculty to hold a meeting to discuss about this. So I wrote a letter and met the Senator. After having some conversation, the Senator agree to discuss my problem in the Senator meeting. I said to the Senator, I believe that the people in the Senator are wise people. So I am hoping there will be a better regulation about my case. Moreover, my Department will surely help me in the Senator meeting. I am worried but I have a good hope at that time. I am sure that A REGULATION MIGHT CHANGE FOR THE GOODNESS.

My heart beats very fast while waiting for the result of the Senator meeting. And thank God! The Senator decided to give me Independent Study. But about the time to start, the senator gives right to the Dean. And the Dean decided to give me Independent Study on September-October 2011. Yeah, that’s FOUR MONTHS after the Senator meeting. I have no idea why he decided so. Well, that’s better than I have to attend the reguler class for the whole semester on September-January 2012, right? There are many things I did for the whole four months, eating, sleeping, playing, eating again, sleeping again, and playing again. Haha. Just kidding!

So the Dean, sorry to make you signed my request. Haha. Just kidding again. 😛 I thank you to give me the Independent Study at the end anyway. ^_^

Now I am done with my Independent Study which is writing four papers in around one month. Now I can say that I AM ABOUT TO FINISH WITH MY UNDERGRADUATE STUDY. YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!

Well that’s the story. You know what I am thinking right now. I just got the real test of my life. After facing the most difficult time in my life, I am facing my life easier now. My life is good, even better! 😀

Thank You so much God. Thank You for this greatest experience. I hope I can be better person after all.
Thank you so much for my parents for every words who always makes me stronger and stronger.
Thank you so much for my family who always be able to be the light even in my darkest time of my life.
Thank you so much for my best friends, thank you for always being in my side even when I said I wanna be alone in my hardest time.
I just realize that being with all of the people I loved is giving me strength more than I thought.
Thank you so much for many parties who help me this much until now. My thesis adviser, my department’s people, and surely thanks to the Dean.


it's my master piece,,, "The Nature of Managerial Work in Small to Middle Sized Companies",,, 😀


Written by Mega Ai

Lately, I kinda feel desperate. I know and I understand what things make me to feel this. I DON’T HAVE ANY SENSE OF ART. I feel terrible.

You know, I really love to listen to music. I love to see people playing music instrument. I love to listen people singing a song. I always get exited about it. I sometimes regret why I can’t do the same. You know, I really want to have a beautiful voice so I can sing my favorite songs. Or at least, I can play the music instrument just to play my favorite songs. The best is, I can write my own songs, sing it, and play it for everyone I loved. I want I want I want!!!

When I was in Junior High School, I was learning how to play a guitar. A friend of mine taught me how to play. When I almost can play one simple song, he asked me to sing. You know what he said? My voice was terrible. Yeah! The one who taught me how to play a guitar said that my voice is bad. Well, I am very bad in singing. I know it and he made it more obvious. He made me realize how terrible I am. At that time, I was thinking, I should stop this. I am bad on music. I stop playing the guitar and I stop singing. Singing is something forbidden for me.

My desperation toward music is getting deeper and deeper when one of my new friends asked me to sing with him. I wish I could sing and say yes! Really!

Well, this is another thing which makes me desperate toward arts. About two weeks ago, one of my seniors asked me to join him to make a short movie which is just about 30 minutes. I just say yes since I didn’t expect that acting will be this hard. Movie is about acting, speaking, and expression though. I’ve tried to express my expression but I still can’t do it well until today. I do apologize if my acting isn’t like what is expected by many parties. I do hope my existence in the movie doesn’t really give bad impact toward the movie. I am bad on it, desperate. 😦

Also about dancing. I never dance in the whole of my life until oneday I have to learn to perform Saman dance for culture event in South Korea. In the beginning of the exercise, I almost quit and stop. Dancing is a lot more complicated than I thought. But then my friends always encourage me that I can dance. Well, because of them I made it. But yeah, some little mistake I made during the show. I am bad on dancing no matter way. 😦

Those stuffs are more than enough to show how I don’t have any sense of arts and how bad I am on it. Desperate. (hahaha,,, that’s too much I know!!!) 😀

this picture is adopted from secretzen.com

For the Sake of Glory Morning

Written by Mega Ai

I have a bad habit which is occured in the last two or three years. I don’t know why but since that time, I found it’s good to sleep late like at 3 or 4 or 5 after subuh praying. There are so much things I can do during the whole silent night I go through. When you sleep around those time, that means you will just miss a glory morning. Couple months ago, I was thinking that this habit is really not good, especially for your health. Then I have a strong intention to change my bad sleeping habit. You know, this habit is more about annoying rather than good after all. I’ve tried many ways to change my sleeping time. It’s been couple months, I always try to sleep earlier than previous.

The first month, I forced myself to sleep midnight and woke up at 6am. It’s really hard since I have to sleep when I really don’t feel sleepy. I was listening a very slow music, reading a very boring book, and many other stuffs. And it’s harder when you have to wake up in the morning when your eyes is usually still close so tight. It takes a few months to make me able to sleep in midnight. Even sometimes, I still found some nights in which I slept in the morning.
Well, I ain’t satisfied with that. I want to wake up earlier like 4 or 5am. That means that I have to sleep before midnight. Then, around a month ago, I was trying to do so. This October I should be able to sleep at 10 or 11 pm and wake up at 4 or 5 am. Well, in this week, I mostly made it! Yay!

But I don’t know why, since I am able to wake up in the early morning, I always get sleepy at around 8 or 9pm. And last night! Again! I fall asleep like 8pm! That’s too early I know. And as the result, I woke up around 2am. Oh my! What a terrible time of sleeping! I have to achieve the proper time of sleeping no matter way.

It’s now around 4am. I will not go back to sleep again, I don’t want to miss any glory morning anymore!

Streaming youtube, finding some information in twitter, and gooling are used to spend the time until subuh praying and morning activity. Yeah!

Well, this is just so hard to change a bad habit into a good one. But I will keep struggle for the sake of glory morning, healthy, and everything! However, I know I can. Bismillah.

time to wake up in the morning

this picture is adopted from geekalerts.com