Please Keep Smoking

Written by Mega Ai

About two or three years ago, I wrote an article about I hate smoker. Some of my friends who are smokers didn’t really like what I wrote of course. Hehe. My opinion about smoker stay the same until today. However, I don’t hate the people, I just don’t like when they are smoking. That’s all.

I never really get the answer why people keep smoking while they consiously know that smoking is killing. I just do not understand why. Well, let’s just skip this, there won’t be a satisfying answer about this. Hehe.

Long time ago, when I went out with friends, when they started smoking, I always asked them to stay away, as far as they could. Or if I went somewhere, I will stay away from the people who smoke. But as the time goes by, I kinda tired and bored of doing the same thing over and over again. Until one day in the past, I just didn’t care anymore when people started smoking in front of me. I know I am stupid for letting them smoking around me. But I really have no idea anymore. They are adult, they understand well about the consequences for themselves and for us, as the passive smoker. People, I don’t ask you to stop smoking, never. I just need your understanding, is it too difficult for not smoking in front of us or at least stay away when you are smoking? Anyway, smoking is your choice, but please, don’t involve us in a danger situation with a tiny dangerous thing called cigarrete.

So for you who smoke, PLEASE KEEP SMOKING IN FRONT US if you really don’t care about us and the people you love.

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“There is nothing to lose,” he said.

Written by Mega Ai

I have a story about a friend, a new friend actually. I met him about two months ago for the first time. He is an attractive man in my opinion. He is always happy and make people happy. I like the way he talks to me and moreover, the way he mocks me. He always able to make me feel ashamed but really happy.

He is still young, but very mature in many perspectives. In these two months, I’ve learned a lot from him, about many things. About the history he told me, about sports, about arts, and many others I still remember. But, there is one thing whether he realizes it or not, affects me very much. I am affected by his characteristic which tends to simplifly things. He hates to complicate things. I don’t want him to hate me because of complicating things. Therefore, I am trying to learn how to simplify things that I have to face in my life. It’s not always easy to think and act simply, but yeah, I finally can make it. At least I feel that I made it in some aspects.

Sometimes, I am thinking too much before or after doing something. Sometimes, I am worried too much about things which might not gonna happen in the future. There are so many unnecessary considerations in my life which I actually don’t need it. I should not be this way. My friend said, if you want to do something, as far as it is something possitive, just do it. Make it all the things easy, this way you will find your life easier and more beatiful. Well, he is right about this case. He always said to me, “Just lighten your heart and your mind, there is nothing to lose just to do a thing in this life,”. I’ve noted it inside of my head.

Thank you for giving me such a good influence toward my life. ^_^

just do it

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