Erase this Bad Habit!!

Written by Mega Ai
Tuesday last week was the first day of the school and I woke up late. I woke up around 6.40am, doing things that I had to do and then left the house around 7am. I knew the class had begun, but I didn’t wanna miss the first day of the school. I rode my motorcycle to go to campus and at 7.25 am I entered the class as the last student who entered. 25 minutes late. The situation wasn’t really good for me. The lecturer might dissapoint toward me. And other friends too, they might think that it was just too bad to come late in the first day of the school. My feeling wasn’t good, I felt terrible. What a pity I am!!
Sadly, on the next Tuesday, I still come late about 10 minutes. It was terrible since I woke up in the early morning. So why still late? Terrible!
Coming late to the class twice wasn’t the only incident. These recent weeks, I had been coming late for some organization meetings. Well, I wasn’t the only one who came late in the meeting, but no matter what, I shouldn’t be late, right? Another thing, couple days ago, I made an appointment to go out with my friend. She was going to pick me up at 7 pm. And I apologized her since I haven’t ready yet when she came along. My parents angry to me since it happenened couple times. Oh God. I really didn’t mean it. 😦
Well, I ain’t sure why but these recent couple months, coming late was sticking on me as one of the bad habits. What the hell is going on with me?! I wasn’t like this before. Believe me! I am typical person who is really appreciate time. Before these days, I came on time in every single kind of appoinment. I was willing to wait for the consquence of coming on time when some other don’t. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t manage the time well lately. I always make mistake in managing my time. Huft.
It’s all has happened. I hate of being this way. I just need to bring back my on-time-habit and being consistent with it. I couldn’t go back there to fix it. What I need to do next is never be late again!! Never and never!! For people who read this, please remind me of this note when you found me being late. Thank you!!


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School Life is Back!!

Written by Mega Ai
This week was the first week of the school. I have four subjects to take in this pra MBA semester. Four different subjects means four different characteristic of lecturers. Yeah, the way they teach and the way they communicate with the student is surely different from one to another. This is my opinion about my lecturers in the very first meeting. 😀
My first lecturer is quite old. He himself asked the student to call him grandpa. Hehe. He loves joking and his class was fun. One thing that I like from his class is we gotta update news about economic. However his class makes me realize that I know nothing about economic updates. Another characteristic of him is he often relate the economic issue with the agriculture issue. That’s pretty interesting anyway. 😀
My second lecturer loves smiling and telling stories. 50% of our class was discuss about economics while 50% other we listen stories about his life or anything related to his life. We all know about his biography, his life style, and many others through his stories. Seeing his happiness and proudness toward his children make me wanna make my parents proud of me too!! Well, I say okay for some stories and not really okay for some others. 😀
My third lecturer is the ex-director in the early established of this MBA program. He published many books. He really loves books I guess. He loves explaining the lesson and writing down all the material on the white board. For the God’s sake my speed of writing and understanding couldn’t reach his speed. 😦
My fourth lecturer is the youngest lecturer among all, I guess. He is a typical of serious person. He also strict to the rule, I guess. And he is the only lecturers who use power point slides and use the computer in the first class. Oh it reminds me that I haven’t copied his power point file. Haha. 😛
Well, all of those are my first impression about my lecturers. First thought about people in the first meeting is not always right and may be changing in the near future. But, doesn’t matter how’s their characteristic, the most important is the student. Students have to study. That’s all about. Hehehe.


Batch 60 MM UGM