Yes, I See the Difference

Written by Mega Ai

It’s been three months since the first day I started studying at magister management UGM. There are things that I want to talk about in my whole study. There are some similarities and differences I found in my undergraduate and graduate study, of course. This time, I want to talk about the lecturers. I am not going to talk about the quality of the lecturers, but I want to talk more about the relationship between the lecturers and us, their students.

When I was studying in my undergraduate, I found that my study was quite easy. Most of the lecturers are serious but they are basically easy going. In my graduate study, so far, I felt that the lecturers are more serious. I don’t know why but I feel that there is a distance between the students and the lecturers either in my undergraduate study and moreover in my graduate study. Seen from the number of students, the number of students in my graduate study is a lot higher than the number of students in my undergraduate study. Is it because of it? Well, could be, but I ain’t sure.

Flashing back the time when I studied one semester in South Korea for undergraduate study. I still remember some memories I had with my lecturers there. The number of students in my class in South Korea are more or less the same with the number of students in my undergraduate study here. The lecturers know each students very well. Not only knowing each other, but I feel more like to be friends with them. I still remember I, my classmate, and my lecturer had a meal together and talked about the material we discussed in class. I also remember another night we went hang out with another lecturer while having a warm conversation about anything.

Since we know each other very well, the class was so warm and we really enjoyed studying. However, the relationship I had with my lecturers in South Korea is higher in quality than the relationship I had in here both in my undergraduate and graduate study.

Well, I realize that there is a lot difference situations in Indonesia and South Korea. But still, I am hoping that oneday, Indonesia is having the same situation.

lunch after class