Happiness at “Beringharjo” Market :D

There you can find every single thing you need!!

Written by Mega Ai

This morning, I had a little conversation with my mom while having our breakfast. We come to the conclusion that we’re going to the market right away. In less than 30 minutes, we’re ready to leave for Beringharjo market. Beringharjo market is one of the oldest markets and also the biggest in my hometown, Jogjakarta.

Coming into the market, my mom bought some vegetables and fruits on the second floor. A middle-aged man served us. My mom had never bargain the price in the market, but she always said to the merchants, “Just give me the proper price, okay?” She said that the merchants would give you a proper price for sure. After making the payment, we’re leaving to the third floor. The third floor of this market is being the central of the crafts. I came to this floor not too often, unless I need something to buy. In this occasion, I need to find a lampshade for my kiosk. For your information, I and two of my friends are preparing to open a tea corner, soon!!

After looking around, I got two simple yet sweet lampshades. Ha! I didn’t bargain it since the price I thought war fair or even less than I expected it would be. A husband and wife served us; they’re working together selling so many types of crafts in their kiosk.

I was done with my stuff. Then we continue to the second hand kiosk area. My dad asked me to buy second hand sack for his farming needs. An old lady served us and she looked very enthusiastic. What a hard working, lady!!

We guessed that we’ve got all the things we need, when we’re about to go downstairs we passed again the bag kiosks. Then we stopped. We finally grab several bags. Haha. Women!! Those beautiful crafted bags are not expensive at all, believe me.

Anyway, many times, I came here to buy some veils. The veil kiosk areas provide so many different types and colours. And again, with that quality, the price was fair and more like to be cheap in my opinion.

Today, I was meeting so many merchants. They gave us smile and served us really good. So, you’d better go to this market if you need anything. Again, you can find every single thing you need in this market and you’ll be happier meeting those kind-hearted merchants. ^__^

my mom at craft kiosk at beringharjo market

my mom at craft kiosk at beringharjo market


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