Indonesia Power Shift; We SWITCH!

In each day, I realized that the number of people who start concerning about the mother earth is increasing. Last few days were quite exciting, at least for me. A hundred young people from all over Indonesia came to Yogjakarta (one of the provinces in Java Island) and joined in to the camp called SwitchCamp. It was amazing! Not forgetting 20 people, also from all over Indonesia, who have been working so hard to make this happened. March 20th to March 23rd, 2014, was being the moment I would never forget. Hundred youngsters sat aside to learn, to discuss, and to share knowledge, ability, and spirit for a better environment. 

Switch Camp was opened with an art performance, speech videos from Bill McKibben (350), Zeph (350 Philippines), Hong (350 Vietnam), Liangyi (350 Northeast Asia) and also speeches from Syaiful (350 Indonesia) and Natty (350 East Asia). 

This camp is divided into 3 (three) agenda: plenary sessions, track sessions, and regional session. In the plenary sessions, the speakers deliver information and knowledge about fossil fuel, deforestation, and renewable energy which is in line with the focus campaign of 350 Indonesia. And the track session is divided into 4 (four) smaller groups, which are artivism (art & activism), media and communication, creative resourcing, and non-violent direct action. The speakers are all the experts on those fields, the practitioners, and also the activists. In the regional session, the participants are divided into 3 (three) groups based on their focus interest in regards to 350 Indonesia’s focus campaign.Therefore, as the output of this regional session, we have at least 3 (three) action plans in fossil fuel, deforestation, and renewable energy issues. 

There was also a tour during the camp to visit an eco-friendly village in the southern part of Jogjakarta named Poncosari. Poncosari is struggling to be an energy independent village. Wind turbines and solar panels were installed to produce electricity. And three biogas digesters are fully functioned to fulfil community needs for gas.

It is NOW possible to switch from fossil fuel to renewable energy. This village has the proof. On that day, we brought up the message to the nation and the world. We demand “Energy Sovereignty”. Indonesia is rich in renewable energy resources; the sunlight, wind, water, geothermal, etc., but the effort to exploit the sources are not well supported yet. In fact, most of power plants in Indonesia produce dirty energy, more than 60%, from the fossil fuel. That day, youth reps from all over Indonesia were agreed that renewable energy should replace fossil fuel and coal based electricity for more sustainable environment. 

At the same time with our visit to Poncosari, we also commemorated the International Day of Forest on March 21st, 2014. It was a big day for us to stand up against deforestation because as a matter of fact, deforestation was also the real impact of coal mining expansion. 

Now, hundred young people in all over Indonesia are preparing to make those actions plans happened. Anyway, we are ready to SWITCH. What about you? -Mega- 


Behind the Scene: Switch Camp 

I am not going to tell a lot about the process. This is just a personal reminder. About the environment. About hope. About cooperation, responsibility, and also about heart. 

For me personally, meeting the younger generation seems to see my own self. My own self in the past. Whether it’s about what is in me now or that has been lost. Or maybe what I ignore and forget to do. The debt promises toward my own self which are then accumulated, and then explode. 

Meeting with the older generation, at least it makes me aware; people are human being with its positive and negative side. There is a quote from my first boss where I worked that I always remember every time I am going to work, “We do not need a superman, but we need super team”. To be honest, I learned a lot from him. It was so short to work with him, but it left me a deep impression. How then to maintain a balance between the goals and keep the feeling well is important. Difficult indeed and each has its own way to overcome it. 

Some choose to be silent, wait, and then act. Some choose to act based on experience, collide, and then fix it. Some choose to follow the heart, ignore the instructions, but maybe become the most aware of the situation and conditions. There also some choose to follow the instructions, keep the heart, and keep silent until the last day. All choose. 

At the end of the story, we have to undergo what has become a promise to ourselves. Integrity. If it is not, at least it closes to what has been spoken. Could be like Shakespeare; kill all of the characters with the tragedy genre. Or just turn it over. Being Comedy. Classical. Mainstream. Hollywood. Everyone’s Happy. Let through what has happened, but still pack the things that deserve to be presented to the audience in the next story. Without having much frowned, but still able to make it interesting to see. Presenting the names behind the scene, and proud of the work they have done. 

Because we choose. Switch. On, and Off.   -Juned- 

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala & Junaedi Ghazali. 

Edited by Hermitianta Prasetya. 

Photographed by tigalimapuluh media team 


PS: I still remember the days and nights we had online meetings through skype and whatsapp messenger. I still remember a small debate occurs during the discussion. I still remember the laughs in every discussion as well. I still clearly remember every single step we did to make this camp happened. 

From the deepest of my heart, I would love to say thank you so much for all the cool committee and the participants which makes this camp even cooler! 

Now look forward to OUR NEXT MOVEMENT!! ^__^


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