Lampung, The paradise of Sumatra ^_^

Couple months ago, someone gave me a handmade notebook before I flew to the furthest country I’ve ever been. On the back of the notebook, he put a quote that I will always remember.

“The true traveller is he who goes on foot, and even then, he sits down a lot of time.” Collette – Paris from My Window, 1944. 

About a month ago, starting with having some ice cream together, I and some friends were decided to have a trip to Lampung, one the provinces in Sumatra Island. The flight tickets were booked at the time we had the ice cream, seriously. Well, it was not that sudden plan; we’ve been planning on it since years ago when we’re still in the college.

This week, we made the trip happened. We, at least me, still got trapped in the euphoria of the trip until today.

Actually, this month was not a holiday; there are even many tasks to complete. But we agreed that we need some breaks. Anyways, this is a break, not a runaway.

It wasn’t easy to decide to go travelling or not. Why? Because we realize that after the travelling is over, that would be the hardest time to come back to the daily routine or some people said, come back to the reality. Hehe.

Minutes before I flew to Lampung, he, again said to me, just go travelling but make sure that after you are coming back, you got your mood booster and happy, not vice versa. I said to him, I will though.

On Thursday, right after the class is over; I catch up with the other friends in the airport. We look forward to see Lampung and one of our friends there. Yes, we have a friend there. The magnetic power from him was so strong so that make us excited to be there.

The very first time we stepped on our feet on the land of Lampung, I was just speechless. It wasn’t the first time for me to be in the other island of Java, but still, it feels amazing to be in the other island.

We went around the city and enjoyed the night until the day we went through the sea to touch down the other island in Lampung. It’s gonna be my third time to be somewhere in an island after karimun jawa and tidung island. And you know what; my excitement was always being like the first time for me.

At night, we made a bonfire and baked the chicken. A big struggle to have this chicken cooked but we satisfied with what we made. Yay!

In the morning, we are ready to explore other islands and do snorkelling. We went to balak island which was very very very beautiful and there is only us. It feels like, this island is belong to you. It brings you peaceful and nemo to see!! Yes, we saw nemo!!

Continue to pahawang island, it brings you even more excitement. There was one spot which gives you the best underwater scenery ever! I would never forget.

We are going back to the city and plan to do some culinary. Like a crazy, we eat every single thing. We eat too much. This come to a result, one of our friends got serious stomach ache and we have to bring him to the emergency at the time we have to go back home. It was a hard time, but then we decide to delay our departure to go home. On the last day, we were staying on the hospital. Everybody’s tired. But I personally feel that my happiness to be in this trip was much bigger than the tiring I feel.

Magic happens! It needs only one day to be fit again! We spent our last day enjoying the city from a high place, eating ice cream and delicious food, and spending more time with his family. Last day was just too perfect! If there’s no class coming in, I would probably stay longer. I wish. Haha!

Anyway, this trip makes us happy, but meeting him and his family was even making us happier. I have to say thanks a lot to him and his family (especially his cute nephews and niece) to let us know the life and the culture of people there. It’s worth more than everything. Also, thanks to all my best friends in this trip. Thanks for happiness you shared. I am happy.

This is a note for the trip, hopefully next time, the complete story of the trip can be written as well. This is my story, others might have different story, don’t you? ^__^



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