Learn the Goods and Leave the Bads

Written by Mega Ai

It’s been a week since I and he decided to end our togetherness we’ve built for almost two years.

Flashing back the time in 2012, in the same month, May, for the first time, I and he went out together to watch a musical drama. Well, I supposed to watch with two of my friends but they had to cancel it because of some reasons. Since I already bought the tickets, I’ve gotta resell the ticket or it will waste. And ya, I found him and his close friend as the buyers.

Anyway, I and he joined the same voluntary organization in different division. We did not really know each other until a certain program was created and my division had to work together with his division. We worked together until the day we watched that musical drama. So, we had made friends for about a half year when we went out for musical drama.

I never had any special feeling toward this guy until that evening. I was wondering, why I never realize this charming guy within six months in the organization? I saw him as a partner in job. No more. That evening, I saw his attitudes and personality in a better way. He looked pretty cool by that couple hours together, I start admiring this guy since then.

Since that musical drama, our conversation in instant messaging started to talk about not-jobs-things. We started going out together more often. We went out for book stores, grabbing some foods, ice dreams, drinks, watching movies or just hanging out together. Also, travelling, sometimes.

Months later since the musical drama, he asked me one question, would I ever say yes if he asked me to marry him one day? I guess I didn’t give him an answer yet. He made everything’s clear by that night. A week after, I want to make a clear relationship. Then, 25-26 August 2012 in the midnight, we declared to be together. Yes, we made a commitment by that time.

Since that day, there was nothing extremely changed. We were still working together in the organization. Had different arguments about our jobs sometimes, just like before. The only different was actually our relationship status.

I never realize that we’ve been together for almost two years. Time flies, really!

We experienced many things together. We, at least me, learned a lot through our togetherness. We collaborate in many projects both commercial and voluntary. We wrote articles together, made some postcards, did video project, and many others. I do really thankful for the chance to work together with him. It was not always easy to work together as a couple. You have to struggle harder to be as professional as possible, including when you have problems with your relationship. Having that moment, I also very thankful, I learned again.

We also experienced LDR. Can you imagine that we always live in the same city but then we have to be separated 16.000 km away with 6 hours different for 4 months? Both of us agreed that was sucks. We argued and fought a lot during our long distance relationship. Some friends said, the feeling that you are missing people that you love, make you super duper sensitive. It was easier to get mad, to get hurt and cry, and the like. It was a hard time, but we were happy we could pass it and learned a lot during our long distance relationship. After I went back home, we appreciate more our time together. Meeting him again after 4 months was the best time ever. It was just soooooooo relieving!

Well, I can say, we shared every single thing, joy and also sorrow. We gave supports to each other in our hardest time in this life. Again, I was very thankful that I have someone to rely on when you are down. Someone who were willing to be in your side in your hardest life. I was happy because happiness that we had was real that both of us can share.

People said that a relationship won’t be perfect without any problems. We had it, sometimes. We fight sometimes, and we broke few times. Haha. About breaking up, I admit that I am the one who was always easily giving up our relationship.

Some of my friends asked me, what makes me love him like a crazy. Hmm, I have many reasons why I admire him. I could not break down all the values he (who is younger in age than me) taught me. But I know he taught me how to be not very selfish, how to listen and respect others. He taught me how to hold on your principal, being humble, how simplify thing rather than complicate it, and he taught me how to be brave to face the life and future. I owe him a big deal though. And every time I asked him, what makes him loves me. He always answered, “I just love you,”. That’s all.

But yeah, as a human being, he has weaknesses as well. I’d prefer not to mention in here.

Unfortunately, there was a different principal between me and him in regards to “close friend”. I will not force him to follow my principal, and vice versa. After such a long and deep thinking with many considerations, I decided to end our togetherness, for (I hope) the good sake of us. We agreed to separate nicely. We might failed in this relationship, but as a friend said to me, relationship is a never ending learning. I promise to learn from what I went through so far. It was hard and sad. I might get lost for a couple of time. But I promise myself, I will surely move on.

If this guy read this note, I just wanna say Thank you, and Thank God to letting we meet!! It was a great time to have you walking in my path, for a little while. 🙂



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