A Note about Bandung and LexiPal

Written by Mega Ai

 Bandung. It’s the capital city of West Java that I am quite familiar with. The first time I stepped on my feet in this city was 2009 for attending a conference. Later after that, I went there quite often with many different purposes. This time, which probably the 6th time I came to Bandung, also for another purpose. I was with the team (a half of LexiPal team) coming here to do LexiPal app testing before launching (in which we haven’t sure when it’s gonna be) hehe. If you haven’t heard about this app, let me tell you a bit. LexiPal is an app designed for the children who has difficulty to learn how to read. This app is specially designed for dyslexic children. But, any children are actually recommended to use this app. Anyway, it was my first time to do the trip with LexiPal team.

 June 17th, 2014

We (I and the other three friends) arrived Bandung in the afternoon. We went to a guesthouse directly to prepare the app trial agenda tomorrow. The guesthouse was very homy and we assumed we had one living room as well as our dining room. Nice!

After resting for a while, the boys were busy installing the apps in the laptops. And we, the girls were busy talking to support them. Thinking that I should learn how to at least to install it. Haha. Well, while they were doing the installation, I and my friend were exercising the app just to make sure that we really understood it. We stayed up late before we finally went to bed.

June 18th, 2014

We got up in the early morning, had a breakfast served by the guesthouse, and we went to children development centre where the app trials took place. Today’s trial was done by the expert, the therapist and also the psychologist. We divided the trial into two sections. The first section, we divided the group into three groups with different category of each table. Each of us guide them how to use the app. The second section, which is using kinect, we made it into just one group. It was really fun to do the trial with everybody. We started like 8am and we finished about 12pm.  

We got some suggestion from them to revise several parts of the app. Alright; we think we have more home works to go. We believe we can make it fast! Fight, guys! Hehe 😀  

I got an email from the committee of the ministry’s grant for start up business. He told me that you have to deal with some documents so that you have to back Jogja if you don’t want to lose the chance to get the grant for your start up business. Ah, it was difficult decision to make. Okay, I might need to fly back home to catch the grant. Luckily, the flight ticket was sold out for days ahead. Well, while the team was doing the recap of today, I went to the train station to reschedule the ticket we already bought. Luckily again, there is no more train tickets. Yay! I got trapped here in Bandung.

That afternoon and evening, some friends come to see us in the guesthouse. I really appreciate to spare your guys time for us. It was a short good time, people!

A friend then booked me a travel to Jogja. I have no choice. Alright, I have to be ready for a long long trip. I got the seat of the travel and would back home tomorrow.

Today was very tiring and we went to bed early.

June 19th, 2014

This morning, same like yesterday, we got up in the morning, prepared the gift for the children, the form that the therapists need to fulfil, and breakfast together.

Not much different with yesterday. All of us were working on different table with different categories of the app. The children came to each table and they did it simultaneously. Finally, each child tried all categories in all four tables. Each student was guided by each therapist while we stayed in the same table to guide them to try the app.

For me, today was very special. Why? Because we met many special kids! They were smart and also cute. They were special children who actually need special treatment. That’s why LexiPal app was made to try to help them overcome their problem. Too bad if smart children assumed stupid just because they need special way to learn. Today, the children who tried our app were 4 to 10 years old. Most of the children were very enthusiastic today. Overall, I satisfied with today’s trial. Thanks God!  

This evening, I have to run to Jogja. Good that another girl of our team could catch up to Bandung today. So we were all feel good about tomorrow’s agenda. Sorry team, I have to go back early!

June 20th, 2014

It took me 12 hours to be in Jogja. Traffic jam, you know, holiday season. O yeah.

It was really exhausted but it got paid. I met a nice committee who were very helpful and I officially got the grant. Yay!

Well, too bad that I missed the last day in Bandung. Team, share the story, please! 😉

Last, I would love to say thank you to the team in this trip. This trip allows us to know each of other better. Anyway, we are a damn good team! Let’s start working on it! ^__^