I called this, Selling for good

Written by Mega Ai

These recent years, there are so many online markets exist in Indonesia. For example are olx.co.id, berniaga.com, tokopedia.com, kaskus.co.id, and bukalapak.com. It becomes booming nowadays. I’ve been using this service since long time ago to buy some stuff that I need. In Netherland, I also buy my second hand bike and other stuffs through online market such as marktplaats.nl and commodity market Rotterdam in facebook. Just this year, I started using this online market such as olx.co.id and berniaga.com to sell my stuff. Finally I register for those websites! Hehe. Well, not only this online market websites, I also use my social media to promote the stuff I offered. Couple times ago, there are four totally different things that I offered online and sold. The range of the price is also very varying. First time I sell a wi-fi modem, and then wireless & router, deep fryer, and tablet. Some stuff I used it once and some other I used it quite a while.

Huh. I feel so regret that I just started selling the stuff that I don’t need any more JUST now. I just realized that it was so good when you sell the stuff you already used but you do not it anymore and knowing the fact that other people need that stuff.

One of the online markets, olx.co.id made a good campaign toward this activity. It’s all called #bekasjadiberkah which means second hand stuff become useful. You can sign up to give donation for any advertisement you post and sold.

Well, now I am just so excited to sell the stuff that I have which still has good function for good. What are the goods from selling your second hand stuffs anyway?  You got additional income. You don’t keep your stuffs too long for nothing which sometimes becomes broken themselves. Also, you made some stuffs very useful for other people.

Since then, I interested more to find second hand stuff that I need from the online market. You can get it with lower price and furthermore, there is a value you made, you make an old stuff or second hand stuff functioning again.

Anyway, do you know where can I sell my second hand heart? *eh

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One of the ads,,, 🙂


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