Happy birthday to you

I still clearly remember the first time we met and how we met few years ago. Nothing special except the fact that you have brilliant works. After that, we met few times, we talked to each other a little, and that’s all for a while.

Until one day, we meet again and fight for the same cause and goals, which is a better living and a better social environment for our society. It’s sweet how everything started.

Do not know when, but I started interested in you. I admire how quick you learn and understand something. I admire the way you see things in positive way. I admire the way you stay focus and persistence toward your goals. I admire the way you stand for your principal. I admire your modesty, calm, wise, patience, and others I cannot describe in words.

Well, I am really amazed by how time changes a lot things in just one year. Imagine, August last year, we were nobody, I know you and you know me. That’s all.

Today, I am overwhelmed by gratitude. I want to say thank you for sharing every laughter and putting away every falling tears. Thank you for letting me to cross your path. Thank you for letting me to learn a lot within a year.

Also Thank God for letting me to meet you, to know you better, and to have a chance to fall in love with you. Above all, Thank God for blessing me more than I deserve.

And last, happy birthday, my whole world. Welcome to 25 of your life.

Jogjakarta, August 14th, 2015

A little celebration

A small celebration in our little messy office