To be in Love

My age was just turned into 25. Some people said that 25 is a golden age in which we should be ready for a real life. A friend of mine even congratulates me for being a quarter century years old. Haha.

Anyway, the end of 2013, I got so many wedding invitations from a lot of my friends. I was wondering how time flies so fast, the people around me are getting married one by one, slowly but sure. Some people are finally married after such a long relationship, but some others are just married after knowing each other in a very short time. Anyway, it’s all called destiny. They get married and have a family created. I sometimes think that I will do the same thing for another couple years. I am thinking to finish my study, have a good job or business, and start thinking about marriage and family.

Since the first time I felt the love until now, there are several men walked through my path. And also several times, I failed. There are too many reasons why. This recent year I found one man who is kind of different in my eye. I have so many thoughts about him but I just don’t know how to describe him. I can’t describe how comfort to be around him. Anyway, I just love him the way he is and of course I love all extraordinary things I see from him. I have too many reasons to be in love with him. Until one day I realized that he is probably the one for me.

But love is not always easy. There are too many factors and conditions which seem conspire to make me failed for the umpteenth time. I have some dreams and hopes with him. Until one day, a very torturing day was happening, everything is just falling apart. I don’t blame anyone for this. And I accepted that.

We are still together, but I know I already lost him. We are going to separate at the end. At some point, I really feel sick of this. I am so tired and hurt. But the show must go on and I have to keep going, sooner or later.

I just believe that if he is the one for me, he will always be.


16.000 km away

Written by Mega Ai                   

A big decision meant a big struggle for me, and made a decision to study abroad and fly 16.000 km away from home was a big decision. Many people said that you have to be ready to go away from your comfort zone and you have to struggle to survive.

Anyway, studying abroad doesn’t only mean that you are moving a place to study. But it is a lot more than that. You have to be independent and do many things that you probably never do it in your home country.

I don’t bike and I don’t cook before. But since I was here, want it or not, I have to do it. As a student coming from a developing country, this second largest city in The Netherlands, Rotterdam, is not even a cheap place to live. You have to be wise managing all your expenses.

Talking about bike, I heard that The Netherlands has bigger bike population than the citizen itself. In the very first time I came here, I believe that is true. And everybody agree that bike and its lock is the thing you need the most to survive in Rotterdam. There are many shops and online shops which are selling various kinds of bike, either the new one or the second hand with affordable prices.

There are many advantages you can get by having a bike in here. First, you don’t have to spend any cost for the transportation. Second, biking is a good sport to do. You have such kind of a healthy life with biking. Third, you really feel the art of living in The Netherlands. The good thing of biking in here is that the cyclists have its own way on the street. It shows how government concerns toward biking.

After a month living with the bike, I start thinking to bike once I come back home. The biking culture in Rotterdam is too nice not be continued in my home country.

And talking about cooking, Binnenrotte open market would be a nice topic for the next. ^__^

my new secondhand bike

my new secondhand bike

Indonesia Climate Rangers are ready for Global Power Shift!!

Written by: Mega Aisyah Nirmala

It was Saturday evening. I was on the train on my way back home from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. I kept wondering why my heartbeat works faster than usual.

Couple hours ago, I was still involved in a gathering of people who named themselves as Indonesia Climate Rangers. Twelve of us would like to represent Indonesia for Global Power Shift in Istanbul, June 2013. It was our very first meeting in the same space and time, but of course, it wasn’t our first ‘meeting’. Skype, emails, and whatsapp message application were our main based communication since months ago. This gathering was too interesting, at least for me. We came from many different areas and backgrounds. Yet, the same concern toward the mother earth gathered us here.

Our nights and long discussions came to a resolution to build a movement for dealing with the climate crisis and for social justice. We came up with two very important issues in Indonesia, forest and energy sovereignty. We need to influence young communities toward those issues in order to create a social movement that should be the main pillar to change the paradigm and behaviour of the society toward the use of natural resources and finally, to minimize the impact of climate change. More specifically, we’re going to build a social movement concerning to the forest, fossil fuel, and renewable energy.

Communities would be our root to build the movement through solidarity based. We would like to work together with other green communities around the country helped by one of them, technology (i.e. internet). However, we’re going to move that way.

This gathering made us sure that the global power shift of phase 1 in Istanbul would be our milestone for the next phase of power shift in Indonesia.

When I was checking out to, seems that many countries have prepared for the global power shift very well. Here I also want to inform you that Indonesia climate ranges are ready to join with other power shifters in Istanbul and the entire world!

Now, I know why my heartbeat works faster than usual. I just can’t wait for the Global Power Shift happens!!   

Indonesia Climate Rangers

Indonesia Climate Rangers

Happiness at “Beringharjo” Market :D

There you can find every single thing you need!!

Written by Mega Ai

This morning, I had a little conversation with my mom while having our breakfast. We come to the conclusion that we’re going to the market right away. In less than 30 minutes, we’re ready to leave for Beringharjo market. Beringharjo market is one of the oldest markets and also the biggest in my hometown, Jogjakarta.

Coming into the market, my mom bought some vegetables and fruits on the second floor. A middle-aged man served us. My mom had never bargain the price in the market, but she always said to the merchants, “Just give me the proper price, okay?” She said that the merchants would give you a proper price for sure. After making the payment, we’re leaving to the third floor. The third floor of this market is being the central of the crafts. I came to this floor not too often, unless I need something to buy. In this occasion, I need to find a lampshade for my kiosk. For your information, I and two of my friends are preparing to open a tea corner, soon!!

After looking around, I got two simple yet sweet lampshades. Ha! I didn’t bargain it since the price I thought war fair or even less than I expected it would be. A husband and wife served us; they’re working together selling so many types of crafts in their kiosk.

I was done with my stuff. Then we continue to the second hand kiosk area. My dad asked me to buy second hand sack for his farming needs. An old lady served us and she looked very enthusiastic. What a hard working, lady!!

We guessed that we’ve got all the things we need, when we’re about to go downstairs we passed again the bag kiosks. Then we stopped. We finally grab several bags. Haha. Women!! Those beautiful crafted bags are not expensive at all, believe me.

Anyway, many times, I came here to buy some veils. The veil kiosk areas provide so many different types and colours. And again, with that quality, the price was fair and more like to be cheap in my opinion.

Today, I was meeting so many merchants. They gave us smile and served us really good. So, you’d better go to this market if you need anything. Again, you can find every single thing you need in this market and you’ll be happier meeting those kind-hearted merchants. ^__^

my mom at craft kiosk at beringharjo market

my mom at craft kiosk at beringharjo market

“What you’ve been doing so far?”

By Mega Ai

I went through a personal blog of a girl last night, by chance. So, I really know nothing about her. I read some latest articles that she posted on her blog. She talked about what she already accomplished in his 20 years of living.

I feel like I got slapped on my cheek while reading her posts. I also feel like someone asking me, “What have you done within 23 years of your life?”

Hmm, I was thinking about it also. I know I’ve done something. But it doesn’t mean that I am just satisfied with it. My achievement in this age is far away compared her achievement in her age. I am just wondering how she could accomplish all of those achievements in a very young age. Well, I know that more effort means more accomplishments. I know that everyone is basically having power to achieve what they want. I know and understand that. But the problem is not many people are willing to create that big effort, no exception of me. Why? I don’t know. Huff.

There was a time that I am so so excited to achieve something, but on the other hand, there was also a time in which I am just too lazy to move. That’s the problem I couldn’t really take care of it sometime, or most of the time.

I realized that posting those kinds of achievements on her blogs more or less will influence people in two different ways. It might make you down, or it might encourage you to do something better. Now, there are two choices, just being down or being encouraged? I choose the second one!


“350 Indonesia SWITCH!! Campaign” at the end of 2012

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

It was 2 pm; I was on the way to our 350 Jogja base camp to prepare everything. The rain fell extremely heavy. That day, December 30, 2012, would a big day, at least for us as the organizer. That Sunday at 4 pm, would be our very first campaign held in the city called an education and culture city, Jogjakarta.

Couple minutes later, I arrived the base camp and found nobody. I was worried, what if the people do not show up for this campaign?

But after a while, one person came and I started to erase my worried. The rain still didn’t want to stop, but the people showed up one by one. I was amazed that they were willing to come in the middle of the rain.

Finally, at 4 pm, about 40 people are ready to deliver our messages to the society and to the government. We walked to the intersection of the busiest street ever in Jogjakarta called Zero Kilometers and expanded our handmade banner there to deliver our message “Stop fossil fuel addiction and switch into renewable energy”.

Some people kept standing with the banner and some others wearing their eco handmade costume spreading our sticker to thousands people in this busy street.

From Zero Kilometers, we crossed the street through the zebra cross; we walked through the pedestrian area, and finally, Square Town! There we continued our campaign and finished around 7 pm.

I was so exited during the campaign, moreover when I saw the campaigners were very enthusiastic and didn’t feel tired even the rain kept falling on their bodies. Also the society, who were glad to know our campaign.

Well, it might seem a small thing we did, but I am sure, starting with 40 people from various environmental organizations joined in this campaign that would be a very good start to bring the society and the government to be more paying attention toward the environment, especially in this fossil fuel issue.

I met some reporters there, hoping that they were willing to help us spreading our messages to the entire city or even to the entire of the world.

Flashing back the time a week ago when all the body worked so hard for this campaign, I was extremely amazed. We made the recycle costume, we painted the banner and t-shirt, and we made the sticker for the society. Yes we were tired, but our spirit and hopes toward a better and peaceful environment were able to erase that.

So, let’s switch! 😉


I Am So Grateful That I Was Born In Indonesia

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

I am living in a small village called “Saman” in the South part of Jogja City. I’ve been living in this house for about 20 years with the whole family. I am growing here and so does my village. Years ago, there were only couple houses in my neighborhood, but today is different, totally different.

Years ago, I was being able to see the rice fields right beside of my home and right in front of my home. I still clearly remember that almost every evening I went out of the house to see thousand fireflies with its light in the rice fields around. They were flying from one paddy to another paddy while their lights are blinking. And there are some moments when I spend the whole night just to run after the fireflies to see them closer. I still remember how beautiful the light was.

Everything is changing, my environment is changing. No more rice field around. Well, there are few in the back of my house. I still can see a rice field by going up to the attic of my house. But still, I never see any fireflies anymore. The memories about fireflies in my childhood were too sweet to forget. I always feel that there is something missing in my life after they were gone.

Those rice fields have been replaced by many houses and even a hotel. I don’t blame those who are coming; I just feel that I lost my fireflies since the buildings replaced the rice field, that’s all.


This morning, I was in my garden in front of my house, just sitting around to enjoy the morning sun. At that time, I saw an old lady bike her old bicycle across. And behind her, there was a bunch of fresh vegetables arranged like a mountain. Believe me that it was too much to be brought by her and her old bicycle. I guess that she just got back from her garden for harvesting those vegetables. Those vegetables are ready to be sold. I sometimes wondering, did she tire? Did she complain toward this life? Or, did she happy with that? Yes, she did happy. It wasn’t the first time I saw her biking with those vegetables. I always see her sincere and peaceful face every time she came across my home. She really touched my heart by struggling happily that way.

Anyway, that’s not the only story I have. There is an old man who sells soybean milk door to door. I’ve becoming his customer for almost two years. He is always happy with his smile every time he came to my home. He uses his bicycle to sell his product. But I guess that the selling of soybean milk wasn’t really good. Recently, he changes his product into yellow rice, fried rice, and noodle for breakfast. The taste wasn’t bad with its very cheap price. So now I am becoming his customer for those products.

Lately, somebody told me that he is just got divorced by his wife because he doesn’t really have a good job. Now he is living with her mother in the very south part of Jogja City. It is a very sad story I heard. It is even sadder every time I saw his smile while bringing his products to me. I am speechless but I highly appreciate you, Sir!

There is one more seller who also use bike to sell his product from one house to another house. This old man sells a traditional food that I really like. Couple times a week he comes across my home. And almost once a week in the late afternoon I bought his product. The food he sells is made by corn flour mixed with coconut and palm sugar inside. In my opinion, it’s a very unique food because of the way it cooked. I don’t know how to describe it, but for me, it’s very unique. The name of the food is “putu”. Yes, the taste is very delicious. And it’s even more delicious every time I saw his sincere and friendly face.

Months ago, he showed up not too often. He said that he is already old and sometimes get sick. It makes him couldn’t sell “putu” everyday. So he showed up rarely at that time. And it’s been one to two months that I’ve never seen him around. I don’t know the reason why he never showed up. Does he change his destination to sell or what? I have no idea. I hope that there is nothing bad happen toward him. I just miss to eat his “putu” again, really. And I want to see his friendly face again.

This morning, the sun was so warm. And even warmer every time I remember those people who keep struggling toward this life. Well, many things might change in my environment, but their struggles stay the same anyway.

I am so grateful that I was born in the country where its people are struggling very hard for the sake of their family.


“putu” seller,,, shots by junaedi ghazali