Just a Story

Written by Mega Ai

Wow! That’s one word that maybe able to represent my feeling. That’s an amazing time in my life. I was attending an Asia youth climate workshop in Bangkok, Thailand. A very short time that told me many things about this life. Thanks God for this chance. Hopefully, having a good luck is not the only reason why I was there to gather with the other youth from all around Asia. This workshop was hold by an Environmental NGO.
As the name, this workshop is all about climate change. In general, there are seven sessions in this workshop. The first session is about climate crisis impact. The second session is about international policy of climate change. The third session is about how to do an event regarding to the climate action. The fourth session is doing an art build to do the climate change action. The fifth session is about how to build a network. The sixth session is about communications and media training. The last session is doing an art build again.
Overall, through the workshop, I know that every country in Asia more or less has the same problem regarding to the climate change. The impact of the climate change is such as flood, drought, eruption, storm, and so on. Based on the speaker in the first session, her name is Marj, there is only 20 % of forest that is still existed in the Philippine in 2009, while the other is lost. One of the big factors which cause the lost of forest is illegal logging. Can you imagine how bad the condition of forest in the Philippine is? Furthermore, the lost of forest becomes one the major reasons why the climate change is getting worse and worse. The same problem is also faced by our beloved country, Indonesia. Indonesia is also lost of many forests. The main reason is the same with the Philippine. It is because of illegal logging. Actually the case is the forest is the best tool to absorb carbon dioxide and other gases which cause climate change is getting worse in the earth. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to increase the number of forest; whereas the carbon dioxide on earth is increasing rapidly. The biggest carbon dioxide supplier in the world is industries and vehicles. And in the end, the one who feel most of the effect of climate change is the society in the grassroots or poor people. One of the real examples of the climate change impact is many farmers face harvest failure because of many natural reasons. Realize it or not, climate change will give impact to the economic growth of the country.
And you know what; one of the things that I like from this workshop is the speakers. The speakers are cute men. No, just kidding! The speakers are just like us. They are youth and brilliant. They deliver the material of the workshop in a very good way and with high spirit, youth spirit exactly. The coordinator of this workshop is Jamie, who is only 24 years old guy.
One of the speakers in this workshop named Kevin; he is the one who teaches us about art build. At the first time I come to the art build room, I thought, I couldn’t do that. I am totally bad in art. But then Kevin said, “Just do what you want to do. Let your imagination comes up,”. Okay, I would try to paint a poster. And finally, the result was amazing. I made a very nice poster only in 45 minutes. That’s cool. Kevin didn’t teach me how to paint a poster. But he taught me how to make myself free to express myself. And he also taught me how to convince myself that I actually can do all the things that I want.
Not only has that, Kevin, taught me another thing again. When my friend was going to buy in a flip-flop in the seven-eleven (24 hours shop based on United States), Kevin said, “Why don’t you just buy the flip-flop in the local shop?”. My friend was suddenly speechless. “If you buy the stuff in seven-eleven, you’ll support a giant company becomes more giant, right? If you buy in the local shop, you will help them to survive,” he added. Then my friend was going to the local shop directly. I wasn’t there where it was happened, my friend told me this. You know where he comes from? Yup! He comes from United States. I and my friends should be ashamed. And we do, we do really ashamed to him, to ourselves, and to the local people.
Okay that’s about social things that I learned from him. And now back again to the climate change workshop. Then the most important question regarding to the earth, can we Indonesian youth give a contribution to the earth, to the environment? Yes, I am sure we can do it. We can give the contribution to the earth. For instance, turn off the light, laptop, and other equipment if we do not need to use. Go to the shop by foot or bicycle if it is near. That’s just a simple thing to do, right? Look, we can do it. That’s just a small thing. But I am sure, if we do it together, it will be a big thing. It can give a big contribution to the earth.
Yeah. That’s all about climate change workshop in Bangkok. I am thinking of other things. Many scientists are thinking and experimenting about how to save the earth. Many environmental activists are doing many actions to save the earth. Now let’s ask ourselves, what we have done to give the contribution to the earth?
Well, actually there are still many things inside my head but I know it is impossible to tell everything. So, I think I’ll end up my story here. Every single thing happened and every single thing we’ve done is every single experience that we can learn.

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