You Will Understand If You Do It Yourself

Written by Mega Ai

Well, I don’t want to stop to write. My friend said that a writer never stop writing. Therefore, this article is created.
Anyway, I am still studying in a private university now. As a student, like the other students too, I always got busy with tasks and assignment which seems never ending. Besides attending the class, I also joined several organizations for my first two years in the university. But now, it seems that I am already too old being a part of an organization in my university. Therefore, I quit from all my organization. I will give the opportunity to the younger students to lead the organization. There are actually many reasons why I joined those organizations. One of the reasons is just because I realize that I will got bored if what I do in the university is just attending the class, studying, doing assignment, and alike. That’s why I joined an organization. I just don’t want to get bored while I am studying.
Now I still have few semesters that I have to face before graduating. InsyaAllah. I am not a part of organization anymore, and just like what I think before, I will get bored if I don’t have another activity. Therefore, I decided to work part time. Yeah, I got a part time job. Now it’s already six months I worked there. I enjoyed my part time job even sometimes it’s very hard.
What I am going to discuss in this article is not what my part time job is, but I want to tell you some valuable things I learned from this part time working. I worked online, but it does not mean that I can do it anytime that I want. I have to be ready with the job in the early morning and I have to finish the job at the certain time which is set by the manager. It goes every day. I only have one day holiday per week. In the first and the second month, I am still okay to do all the jobs by myself. But, as the time goes by, I am a bit bored with this job. Moreover, my university assignment is getting crazy and crazy; it’s getting a lot and difficult. And as a student, of course I have to give more attention toward my study. But, I can’t just quit from my part time job easily because of several reasons. Therefore, I hire an assistant to help me to do some of my jobs. And since I have an assistant, everything is going fine. I can still working and surely, I can be focus on my study.
You know, having a job is not always nice. Having a job it means that you have to be ready for all the consequences. I sometimes still not ready being complained by the manager. It is not that easy being an employer or having a position below the other people. But once again, this teaches me to be professional. And at least, this part time working gives me a description of the real working place. Sooner or later, I have to work.
Since I had a part time job, I had my own income. Since that time, I try to save my money (You know what, I always failed to save my money before I have my own income). Now I did it. I can save most of my money or the salary that I got. The salary that I got is not that big, but it’s more than I got from my parents per month. Since I have my own income, I never ask for the money from my parents to buy anything that I want. I bought books, novels, clothes, and anything else with my own money. Even it’s just a small thing, but for me, that is an achievement. I am proud of it anyway.
Besides saving the money, this part time working also teaches me to be more appreciating the money. At the past, I was easily asking for money from my mother to buy t-shirt or trouser, or other things. But since I have my own income, I always think at least twice to spend my salary. Since I worked, I realized that looking for money is very difficult. I spend many of my times, energy, thought, and so on for the salary. That is why sometimes I prefer to save my money rather than to use it for something which is not emergent. Even sometimes, I can’t deny if I remember that I have money in a bank, seems that I want to buy many things that I want. But thinking again about how hard I collect the money, makes me cancel my intention. I collect the money with many difficulties, so I just don’t want to spend that money easily. I will just use my money only for important things, not for fun.
The verse in the Qur’an which is stated about the thought of saving is in surat Al-Israa’ verse 26-27,
*وآت ذا القربى حقه والمسكين وابن السبيل ولا تبذر تبذيرا
*إن المبذرين كانوا إخوان الشياطين وكان الشيطان لربه كفورا
The meaning is: And render to the kindred their due rights, as (also) to those in want, and to the wayfarer: But squander not (your wealth) in the manner of a spendthrift. Verily spendthrifts are brothers of the Evil Ones; and the Evil One is to his Lord (himself) ungrateful.

Besides, in the Hadith of Muslim and Ahmad, it is stated that God will give grace to someone who is trying the good, simply spending money, and can spend extra to keep the poor and when he needed it.

However, if you are still student like me, I think it’s good for you to try to look for part time job. If you do not need the money, at least you can learn how hard the money is looked for. Then you will use your money wisely.

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