I need some rest,,,

I do not know how to start. There are too many things inside my head that I want to write here.
Well, one year ago I joined a social networking. At the first time, it is okay. But as the time goes by, everything is changed. My world is changed. I spend my time in front of my laptop (online) much more than I use it to read the books.
What did I get from joining that? Find my old friends? Yes. Keep in touch with new friends? Sure. Get new information quickly? Exactly yes. Addicted? Yes. Wasting time? Yes. No privacy? Yes. Yeah, all of them are true, at least for me.
Look, somebody updates her status, she said, “I’ve just bought a new t-shirt”. What does she want with telling this to everyone? Somebody else upload many photos of himself. I do not want to see it. Really! But you know what? I did what they did. I update my unimportant status. I upload my unimportant pictures. Now I feel ridiculous.
Another case, when unknown people ask me to make friends, it is like a dilemma. If I refuse them, they will judge me as an arrogant. But if I accept them, I do not even know who they are. They will ask me many questions that actually the answer is already in my profile. It is very annoying me.
I do not want to open my social networking, but still, I open it. It is like I am being controlled by that. I know it is stupid. I know it is ridiculous. Now I am thinking to deactivate my account until I get strength to control myself. I really really tired with all of these. I need some rest.
I don’t blame the social networking. I don’t blame anyone. I blame myself. But I do not want you blame yourself like me. So use the social networking wisely.
Last, I want to write a letter by this hand. I want to send a letter by post. I want to meet people, not in a laptop screen.

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala


I have a perfect family

I have a perfect family…
I have a brilliant father. He is not a professor, doctor, master, or even a bachelor. He never finished his study. He stopped studying after he decided to marry a beautiful lady, my mother. He has no title in his name, at all. But I don’t think it’s important. He never finished his study in university, but he never stops to learn. He read newspaper every day. He watches news in television. He reads so many good books. One thing that he likes most is history. He always said to me, “Look back to the history and see what happen now, you will be able to predict the future,”. And I believe he’s right. He never makes an argument without any proof. He proves it through many ways.
I have a pretty mother. Not only pretty, she is a beautiful mother. She is also a genius. She could do many things that I cannot do. She could do everything I guess. She always teaches me to be strong, as strong as her. She also teaches me about patience, persistence, independence, brave, and many others. She always said to me, “Just hold on, no matter what the condition, God will be with you, always,”. I do believe in her. She is more than everything for me. She is my hero. I often wondering, could I be like my mother? I don’t know, but I wish I could.
I am proud to be my father and mother’s child.
I have a very tall and beautiful sister. She is my only sister and my only best friend. The best I have ever had in this world. I do many things with her. We share every joy, we share every sorrow. We share everything. I never think what will happen if we have to be separated. I don’t think I can hold on. So far, I think that I have to be with her forever. My younger sister is a smart girl. She is studying in a medical faculty. She is going to be a doctor, a good doctor for everyone. She doesn’t talk much. She always stays calm and silent. She’s different. She’s a very good body. I am proud to have a sister like her.
I have an older brother and I have a little brother. Let me talk about my little brother first. He’s a very cute and handsome boy. Sometimes, he looks so cool but sometimes he also can be so funny. He often makes me happy through of his jokes. Sometimes, he looks very childish like the other boys in his age. But sometimes, he looks so mature in certain cases. One thing that I really like from my little brother am is his sensitiveness. He gives high attention toward the environment, especially people who close to him. In my opinion, his sensitiveness is not a common for a boy in 10 years old. It’s amazing having a little brother like him.
Now it’s about my older brother. He is just two years above me. He is a handsome man. He’s not that smart like the other family. I think it just because he is lazy to study. J. But he is very diligent to help my parent’s business. That’s a very good thing from him. Well, I don’t have a close relationship with him. I mean, not as close as with the other family. I sometimes think that my older brother has his own world. I don’t know what that is. I don’t know much about him. But what I know for sure is he is my brother and my affection toward him is just like my affection toward the other family.
I am proud to be their family.
It’s a gift from God for being a part of this family. (Mega Aisyah)