A Good Photographer Should Have a Good Message in His/her Photograph

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

Over a year ago, there was a situation in which photography was extremely booming in Indonesia. At least, that’s what I saw. Photography was very popular at that time. Many of my friends bought a DSLR camera. Many youngsters bring such professional camera in many places, such as in tourism places, in events, and so on. And I, one of the youngsters who are also interested in photography, at that time, hehe.

Anyway, before I decided to buy a camera, I was thinking, do I really like to take pictures? Well, I wasn’t so sure about it. But, I was really curious about how it feels like to have a big camera which is able to shot a good picture. So finally, I bought a camera, semi-DSLR. The first time I had it, I do not really understand how to use the features. Thank God, there was a photography class I could take. I was learning photography from my Australian teacher for approximately four months. Learning photography is much more fun than I thought. He thought me mostly about journalist photography. Anyway, pictures tell thousand stories, isn’t it? That’s interesting part.

In one evening, I met a Korean friend who is also a professional fashion photographer in my photography class. He shared some stories about being a fashion photographer. We also talked about some pictures he took and I took. That was so fun. He said to me, photograph is not just about a good picture when you look at it. But photograph, supposed to be something which is asking people to change his mind toward something. A good photographer should have a good message in his/her photograph. Well, I agree with him.

As the time goes by, I become more interested in photography, especially journalist photography. Now, I’m thinking that, okay I need a good camera to shot a good picture. But more than that, I need a good vision to shot a good picture. I can use my phone camera for any moment that I might have. Anyway, people around you tell you a lot of stories, the buildings in surrounding tell you stories too, explore it. The more you explore, the more you will see the world. And then, share it through your photograph! 😉

this picture is adopted from tumnei.wordpress.com (one of my favorite photography diaries),,, :)

this picture is adopted from tumnei.wordpress.com (one of my favorite photography diaries),,, 🙂