“What you’ve been doing so far?”

By Mega Ai

I went through a personal blog of a girl last night, by chance. So, I really know nothing about her. I read some latest articles that she posted on her blog. She talked about what she already accomplished in his 20 years of living.

I feel like I got slapped on my cheek while reading her posts. I also feel like someone asking me, “What have you done within 23 years of your life?”

Hmm, I was thinking about it also. I know I’ve done something. But it doesn’t mean that I am just satisfied with it. My achievement in this age is far away compared her achievement in her age. I am just wondering how she could accomplish all of those achievements in a very young age. Well, I know that more effort means more accomplishments. I know that everyone is basically having power to achieve what they want. I know and understand that. But the problem is not many people are willing to create that big effort, no exception of me. Why? I don’t know. Huff.

There was a time that I am so so excited to achieve something, but on the other hand, there was also a time in which I am just too lazy to move. That’s the problem I couldn’t really take care of it sometime, or most of the time.

I realized that posting those kinds of achievements on her blogs more or less will influence people in two different ways. It might make you down, or it might encourage you to do something better. Now, there are two choices, just being down or being encouraged? I choose the second one!