“350 Indonesia SWITCH!! Campaign” at the end of 2012

Written by Mega Aisyah Nirmala

It was 2 pm; I was on the way to our 350 Jogja base camp to prepare everything. The rain fell extremely heavy. That day, December 30, 2012, would a big day, at least for us as the organizer. That Sunday at 4 pm, would be our very first campaign held in the city called an education and culture city, Jogjakarta.

Couple minutes later, I arrived the base camp and found nobody. I was worried, what if the people do not show up for this campaign?

But after a while, one person came and I started to erase my worried. The rain still didn’t want to stop, but the people showed up one by one. I was amazed that they were willing to come in the middle of the rain.

Finally, at 4 pm, about 40 people are ready to deliver our messages to the society and to the government. We walked to the intersection of the busiest street ever in Jogjakarta called Zero Kilometers and expanded our handmade banner there to deliver our message “Stop fossil fuel addiction and switch into renewable energy”.

Some people kept standing with the banner and some others wearing their eco handmade costume spreading our sticker to thousands people in this busy street.

From Zero Kilometers, we crossed the street through the zebra cross; we walked through the pedestrian area, and finally, Square Town! There we continued our campaign and finished around 7 pm.

I was so exited during the campaign, moreover when I saw the campaigners were very enthusiastic and didn’t feel tired even the rain kept falling on their bodies. Also the society, who were glad to know our campaign.

Well, it might seem a small thing we did, but I am sure, starting with 40 people from various environmental organizations joined in this campaign that would be a very good start to bring the society and the government to be more paying attention toward the environment, especially in this fossil fuel issue.

I met some reporters there, hoping that they were willing to help us spreading our messages to the entire city or even to the entire of the world.

Flashing back the time a week ago when all the body worked so hard for this campaign, I was extremely amazed. We made the recycle costume, we painted the banner and t-shirt, and we made the sticker for the society. Yes we were tired, but our spirit and hopes toward a better and peaceful environment were able to erase that.

So, let’s switch! 😉