To be in Love

My age was just turned into 25. Some people said that 25 is a golden age in which we should be ready for a real life. A friend of mine even congratulates me for being a quarter century years old. Haha.

Anyway, the end of 2013, I got so many wedding invitations from a lot of my friends. I was wondering how time flies so fast, the people around me are getting married one by one, slowly but sure. Some people are finally married after such a long relationship, but some others are just married after knowing each other in a very short time. Anyway, it’s all called destiny. They get married and have a family created. I sometimes think that I will do the same thing for another couple years. I am thinking to finish my study, have a good job or business, and start thinking about marriage and family.

Since the first time I felt the love until now, there are several men walked through my path. And also several times, I failed. There are too many reasons why. This recent year I found one man who is kind of different in my eye. I have so many thoughts about him but I just don’t know how to describe him. I can’t describe how comfort to be around him. Anyway, I just love him the way he is and of course I love all extraordinary things I see from him. I have too many reasons to be in love with him. Until one day I realized that he is probably the one for me.

But love is not always easy. There are too many factors and conditions which seem conspire to make me failed for the umpteenth time. I have some dreams and hopes with him. Until one day, a very torturing day was happening, everything is just falling apart. I don’t blame anyone for this. And I accepted that.

We are still together, but I know I already lost him. We are going to separate at the end. At some point, I really feel sick of this. I am so tired and hurt. But the show must go on and I have to keep going, sooner or later.

I just believe that if he is the one for me, he will always be.